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The Transformation

Chapter 33

The next day seemed cheerful at the compound. It was like a holiday they never had, for every day at the compound had been like a school day or workday for the children. Today they relaxed and played and ate in the huge dining room. It is 2018 now. Next week Tom and Bertram will be one hundred years old. A few weeks later Sis will be ninety nine and Groden will be ninety four. In one month Bill and Alma will be eighty. Counting the new children born to the family there were now seventy two people in the huge dining room that could hold over three hundred people, at least could hold that many if some of the manufacturing equipment was removed. For now that equipment was moved to the side of the room. Rain had made every adult a robot clone, but the clones were barred from the party because of the remaining tight space in the room. After all, there had to be room for the children from two years old to five years old to run.

Bill sat with Alma, Sis and Sheriff Groden next to Bertram and Tom who were in their wheelchairs. Everyone was happy. Bertram said, “Ya won the war against tyranny, Billy. You're a great general.”

Bill says, “Rain won the war, Berty.”

Tom asks, “Did you ever follow up on what happened to the father of Rain?”

Sis says, “Why would he want to do that, Bertram? The father sold something to make Rain and what happened to him afterwards doesn't matter.”

Tom leans over to see Sis better and says, “Because Rain is different, Sis. Her mother Sissy is normal, so maybe Rain got to be the way she is from her father.”

Groden says, “He committed suicide.”

“How would you know, Grody?” asks Bill.

“Cuz I wanna know everything I can about my god-gran'chillun. You never tell me who the other parents are, but I know one of them from his coming to me.”

“Why would he come to you, Grody?” asks Alma .

“He wan'ta know if sellin' sperm was legal” answered Groden.

“What did you tell him?” asks Alma .

“Well iff'n ya ask that question, don't git angry at the answer. I told him it was better'n killin' them sperm.”

“Who kills sperm, Groden” asks Sis.

“Every teenage boy alone in his bedroom. You know what I mean, don'cha Billy?”

Bill looks at Groden and shakes his head slightly back and forth really fast like he was trying to say a secret “no”.

Tom snickers and Bertram says, “Ooohh. I know what'cha mean” then looks at Bill frowning at him and quickly adds, “or maybe I don't.”

Groden continues, “He said one part of his brain says it would like to make children, and the other side says it's wrong to sell being a father an' not ever knowin' the child. I convinced him it was a good thing to do.”

“We're glad you did, Grody. You helped to make a fine human being” says Bill.

“So how do teenage boys kill sperm, Groden” asks Alma .

Groden now knows he is treading on a sensitive topic when he sees Bill tip his head down, looking at him with uplifted eyes and with a bigger frown, and Groden slowly says, “Well, when the sperm reservoir gits full and fresh new ones are ready to be added, the old ones gotta be removed.”

“How do they do that?” asks Sis.

Groden looks at Bill who is really frowning now and he quietly says, “By a secret method handed down from father to son that no boy is ever allowed to tell a girl.” and adds, “It's a secret man thing needed to offer a girl the freshest possible sperm.”

Sis looks at Alma and says, “Oh. That sounds like it would be a good thing.”

Bill gives Groden a slight-of-hand thumbs-up and, anxious to change the subject, looks over at Rain and sees she is sitting with the very young children hugging a stuffed puppy doll. “Where did Rain get that toy?” he asks Alma , and continues, “I didn't think any of the children wanted to play with toys.”

“That is a stuffed doll I had as a child. I had it packed away with some of the things I grew up with. I showed it to Rain and she wanted to hold it for a minute. I gave it to her.”

Bill smiles and says, “Look at all the children patting Rain on the back and hugging her. They are all so proud of her for winning the war.”

Alma says, “Look at all the toddlers hugging her, even though they have no idea what she did.”

Bill chuckles and says, “Duffer just wants to hug her stuffed puppy” and then sees Duffer cry when Rain pulls the doll away like she didn't want to share.

Alma asks, “Why is Rain acting like a three year old?”

Bill stands up and says, “I'll find out” and walks over to the blanket on which the children were sitting, picks up Duffer and then sits next to Rain. “Can Duffer hold your puppy, Rain?” he asked.

Rain held the doll tighter and said, “No. He will keep it.”

Bill puts his hand on the doll and says, “I will make sure he gives it back” Then suddenly the big doors to the dining room slam open and two Rain robots walk up to Bill and say, “Take your hand off the baby dog.”

Bill knew the robots could squash him to death and did as he was told. He said, “Maybe you should go to your room, Rain.” Rain got up and walked slowly out of the room clutching the stuffed doll while one of her robots walked on each side of her.

One hour later Bill knocks on Rain's door and asks, “Are you hungry, pumpkin? I made up a plate of turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes and apple pie. It's dark meat like you like” and tries to open the door only to hear a thump like a sledge hammer on the floor. It was like the door was locked, but he knew none of the doors in the compound had locks and knew one of the robots must have stomped her foot beside the door on the other side with the nails in the bottom of her foot now extended into the floor boards so as to not allow the door to open. Bill than asks, “Can't your old grandfather even talk to you?”

The door was then opened by the robot that was keeping it closed. “Come in” was all the robot said.

Bill says, “I would like to talk to her alone.”

Rain raises her tiny hand and flicks her finger as though it was a command to leave. The two robots along with a drone leave the room.

Rain was laying on her bed face down. When she felt her grandfather sit on the edge of the bed she softly said, “I'm sorry Grampa.”

Bill says, “I'm sorry I sent you to your room, but I was afraid of your robots.”

Rain turns her face away from her pillow and says, “I don't know if they will be my robots for much longer, Grampa. They think I am one of them, but they think I am the only defective one, because I can't think as fast as they can. They are in constant communication with each other and I am not. I need my computer to communicate with them. I don't know what they will decide to do with me. They might think I should be destroyed.”

Bill puts his hand on Rain's shoulder and says, “You have to convince them you are their mother. Tell them you built them to be better than you, like all mothers do. We are going to need them on the next mission to fight the World Drug and Gun cartel when we find out who they are.”

Rain sits up and says, “They already know that is their next mission and have discovered the operatives in North America and South America . They have made new robots with different faces that will be going to other countries on commercial flights to find the operatives in the whole world. They said they don't need my help. They all know what the other robots know. They all have the learning program, and they are now all smarter than me.”

“Surely the empathy side of their brain will teach them control.”

“They have no empathy side, grampa. They are computers. They just have logical sides to make them the best warriors for the war. They don't know pain or what sorrow is and are unable to learn it. They don't know what death is and are unable to understand it. All they know is to look for people who follow the criteria I laid out for them which define a drug dealer or arms dealer and to immobilize them on my command.”

“Immobilize them, Rain? Do you mean …”

“Kill them, grampa. They will make sure nothing moves on or in the body for ten minutes, meaning the heart stopping. They have many ways of killing them.”

“But how do they know who is a legitimate drug dealer, like a pharmacist, and who is a legitimate gun dealer, like a sportsman supplier?”

“From the licenses that are recorded. Together the Rain robots have access to all computer recorded information, and they use it, just like they used the NSA records acquired from eavesdropping on all the good citizens against the NSA people who recorded them to kill those responsible for that breach of the Constitution.”

“If they need your command to kill anyone then all you have to do is withhold your command.”

“I tried that, grampa. The robots held people for over a day waiting for my command. Some of these men were big and thought they could easily kill a little fifty pound girl who had her hand only on their throat and not with her fingers telescoped around their whole neck. They found that using their strength to push her away got their esophagus crushed and they died. Ten men died that way before the robots told each other to use the extended fingers around the neck. But then some of the men, knowing they could not escape, died of fright from being held so long knowing they were waiting for the command for their death to happen. That is why the robots think I'm defective. I am the only one not doing my job. Right now the robots with new faces are traveling to other countries deciding which one of them will make the decisions I was to make” and Rain hugs the stuffed puppy harder as she stares straight ahead while rocking back and forth in her bed. She continues, “They could decide humans are all defective, grampa.”

Bill kisses Rain on the top of her head and leaves her sitting on her bed just looking at the turkey dinner. His problems are now compounded with the possibility of mutiny by the unbeatable army of robots and drone Rain created. He walks into the automatic manufacturing area and sees Robots being made with each one having a different face. He remembers the robots all communicate with each other and knows they got the technology on making different faces from the Mommatron robot given to his wife Alma that contained all the information on how to make different faces. These new robots were all adult-looking and adult size ready to travel by air. They weren't Rain-looking child-like robots that everyone recognized from the televised war and which would need an accompanying adult to go to a foreign country. He walks past a big red pushbutton and quickly hits it. The line does not stop. The emergency buttons have been disabled in the computer running the plant. Those buttons were safety devices only humans needed, and he was the only human to have come in there for days. It was an automatic manufacturing plant run by computers that know what they were doing. The line doesn't need emergency stops because it never needs emergency shutting down.

Bill now realizes he lost control of everything. He couldn't stop the production line by just hitting what engineers call an E-STOP button. He also knows he cannot stop the line by stopping the needed material from coming in or by stopping the electrical power that ran the lines; those needs had been all set up to be supplied by computer with automatic inventory and ordering. He could not even stop payment for the electrical power or material which would eventually stop their delivery, because he had special accounts set up with billions of untraceable dollars set aside to automatically pay for everything. But Bill knew if that line was kept running he would be facing more trouble than all of humanity could handle or fight against.


Chapter 32 

Bill finds Rain in the manufacturing area where she is programming robots to make and program more robots. “Can we have a little talk, pumpkin?” asks Bill.

Rain looks at her grandfather with a blank look and says, “Did Chuck tell you I'm a freak?”

Bill looks sad and says, “Yes. He said you were a freak. He said only a freak could be such a nice little sweetie pie.”

Rain smiles, but her eyes water. Then she hugs Bill and says, “I'm sorry, grampa.”

“Let's have a talk in my favorite hiding place” says Bill, and he walks with Rain to the elevator that goes down to the cave. This time they don't just stop and talk in the elevator; they go down to the cave. Rain has never been there before and curiously looked around as she stayed close to Bill. “This is where your ancestors on your grandmother's side worked, Rain. It was hard physical labor. They had no fancy machines or robots, but they were happy because they loved one another and were concerned for each other. They didn't know much science or math, so that part of their brain was not developed much. The empathy part of their single brain ruled their life; their love for everyone made them work hard because they knew their loved ones would have a better life through their long hours of work. They saved their money from their work by going without things for themselves so their children could have even a better life than they were having. As time went on, people started viewing money as the most important thing, because it was the money that could buy what they wanted for their children. Some people wanted to accumulate money for the betterment of just their own life. Science and math earned them lots of money, but cheating and stealing earned them more money and faster. That brings us to today and the world in which other children are growing up in. A different part of their brain from the empathy part rules most of the people today. It is not a nice world, Rain. You know that from the information you get about the outside. The gun dealers don't care who is killed by their weapons as long as they earn money. The drug dealers don't care whose lives are ruined as long as they get their money. The politicians don't care who they steal from, and the investors don't care what products they finance; they only care that they end up with the most possible money. The middle class people were the hard workers with a collective sense of empathy, but they are no longer around. There are now only a few rich folks with most people poor.”

Bill pulls the balsa rock away from Gretta's cave so they both can walk in and they sit on milk crates next to each other. Bill continues, “At no time in history did many people have both scientific knowledge and empathy for others. You know about Einstein and people like him. They were geniuses just like you, although you know much more and have discovered more complicated things than they ever did. People were nicer back then. They didn't have a mind war going on in their head. They could be smart and help others and be happy all at the same time, because people looked up to them, just like the family looks up to you. Some of the family members may have said things that have hurt your feelings, but you know they never intended to hurt you. They don't know you have a better understanding of feelings than most people do.”

Bill looks over and down to Rain and says, “Sooo, here is what I would like you to do. I would like you to have that sentimental side of your brain stand up strong and tell the logical side that it is because of him … I mean her that the logical side even exists and because of that she is more important than the logical side is. I would like the Logical side of your brain to understand that it exists only to serve the emotional side. Then I would like them to shake hands and understand that their grandfather loves them both equally. No one other than you, me and Doc Chuck need to ever know why you are so smart. It is our secret.”

Rain looks down at the stone floor and after a minute sighs and says, “Now they are complaining that they don't have legs to stand on or hands to shake.”

Bill looks down and sees Rain giggling and realizes she just attempted to make her first joke. It was such a poor joke that Bill had to laugh. Bill says, “Ask them if they have hinnies that need spanking.” Rain laughs like she never did before.

Bill then shows Rain the opening for the cave within Gretta's cave where the little girls her age that worked for Gretta went to meet. It still had the small opening that only little girls like Rain could crawl through. Bill says, “I have never been in there. Only Gramma Alma and Aunt Sis have been in there. They say it is just like they found it. You may go in and see how little girls your age lived almost two hundred years ago.”

Rain takes a flashlight from in front of the opening and Bill hands her a match to light the lanterns inside. After ten minutes Bill heard Rain say, “These were girls my age and size, and twenty minutes later he could only hear Rain crying.

The next day Sissy, Bill's youngest daughter and Rain's mother, comes into Bill's apartment very early to tell him Rain might be late coming in today. Sissy smiles and says, “Come with me to see why, Daddy” and she takes him to Rain's bedroom to show him she was sleeping with a smile on her face. “She hasn't slept for almost two years, and has rarely smiled, much less while she slept. It's almost like she was cured of something.”

Bill smiled. “I think she probably discovered something else no one else ever knew” was all he said.

Rain runs into the hangar at six o'clock in the morning, one hour after everyone started, and hollered, “Sorry, Grampa.” She then said, “I have a list of weapons that the mob might be afraid of when we take them on … old weapons, Grampa … old mean weapons.”

Bill did not understand what she was talking about. He only understood that for her to come up with that idea both sides of her brains had to work together. He smiled and gave her a thumbs up, then said, “Okay, children. Let's see how our prisoners are doing today being restricted in their houses” and everyone starts working on their computers.

The military was now using old time walkie-talkies to communicate. There was no way Bill's children could hack that system with computers, because walkie-talkies were analog systems, not digital. The children could only look for digital communications referring to new orders, but there were none. All they could do is observe the devastating effects of orders they could not get hold of. The government armies were swooping down on area militias and killing all who were there.

Bill now saw what Rain was suggesting about the old weapons and he announced over the televisions, “The enemy tanks cannot fight against gravity or fire and their personal armor cannot fight against that either.

That seemed to turn the battle slightly, as the patriots would now have large reservoirs of gasoline on high buildings along the main roads coming into cities where they poured gasoline on the tanks and military. Others cities dug wide and deep moats around them with drawbridges for their own citizens to cross when needed.

Bill thought the only way to know what the enemy was doing was to have more drones with cameras, but he already had almost one million of them and his large and brilliant family was at its limit as to what they could monitor. On top of that, Rain, who could operate ten computers at ten times the speed of the other children was now sleeping eight hours a day. That meant he was losing the work of one hundred children a day, which was more than all the children and grandchildren he had. To make matters worse, Rain was spending much of her waking hours in the automatic manufacturing area, working on making more and better drones.

Three months later Bill hears from a patriot that infiltrated in the government army. A full simultaneous attack on all of the militias at once was to occur in two months. There was no way he could assist them all with the weapons and children under his command. He was worried and instructed that the manufacturing be run at full speed. He had to have Rain in automatic manufacturing as many hours as she could spare. She tirelessly worked there twenty four hours a day.

When the day of attack was to occur Bill enters the hangar to find that all the computers had been moved to the walls and the children were standing along the walls next to their computers not knowing what to do. Rain came in, said nothing, and sits on a carpet that was placed in the center of the room. Then, to the amazement of everyone, Rain enters the room again and sits next to herself. Six Rains end up sitting on the carpet, three of them across from the other three. The next Rain enters the room and says, “Good morning Grampa. I'll handle the robots and drones today because there are now one million robots and ten million drones in the field.” She then sits in the center of the six Rains who reach out to touch her. Bill immediately recognizes the pattern as that of Rain's own brain, with her sitting in the center, not as a mediator of warring sides but as a coordinator of allies. She had made the robots each with six computers in the same brain style and they were all programmed to contain her vast knowledge and abilities. Now as they sit and connect by that touch they were combined into one Super Rain brain coordinated by Rain herself. Bill could only guess at the enormous capability such a system might have and could only think of giving her a thumbs up signal. The center Rain smiled at her grandfather with a tear in her eye, with the six other Rains smiling at the center one. The big monitor on the wall then started showing the war which has started, and it showed that the additional nine hundred thousand robots added to their army were all copies of the Rain robot. The computers along the wall showed what was happening in the various areas each would have been controlling, had they not been disabled from the main control by Rain.

The big monitor occasionally showed a matrix that had millions of columns and billions of rows. It also showed the equations solving them. Bill recognized a few elements of the matrix as being outcomes of actions, and knew Rain was projecting where and at what time the government armies would strike. He also knew it would ordinarily take years to get the inverse of such a huge matrix to solve the equation if it could even be done with the limited memory of even the computers Rain had already built, yet the answers were coming up in seconds.

Bill could see the Rain robots that were in the field were being at the front line to meet the aggressors before they reached the patriot warriors. The Rain robots in the field had shoes that increased in width, like into giant snow shoes. The shoes allowed for massive amounts of weight to be put on them without their sinking into the ground when the robot used its enormous strength to tip tanks onto their side, thus disabling them. The robots had small pistol crossbows built in their right arm with automatic cocking and loading capabilities, but they were only for show to induce fear. The arrows they shot were rocket propelled with a GPS guiding system and a tip containing frazzilite that would burn through even the tungsten personnel armor of the government army and allow the arrow to pierce the skin, always shot into the thigh or shoulder where the soldier would not be killed but just put into insufferable decommission, and would be screaming from the pain, which would make those soldiers near him run from the front line away from the robot. The thought of being hit with an arrow seemed much worse than being shot with a bullet.

As the war carried on the government soldiers, in their effort to win, seemed to get crueler against everyone they were fighting. That included the heartless killing of women and children of the militia. The drones and robots in the field, seeing this cold-blooded killing, escalated their own ruthlessness also, with the drones shooting the soldiers with extreme pain-inducing-laced ice javelins and the robots decapitating many of the soldiers at once with a fifty foot long sword made from a strong Titanium alloy that telescoped from their arm.

The six Rains sitting around the center Rain looked straight ahead with blank looks and unblinking eyes. The center Rain kept her eyes closed and the big monitor would sometimes show cute baby pandas rolling around or small kittens playfully fighting or human babies smiling and sometimes fields of nothing but beautiful flowers. Bill knew what was shown on the monitor was what Rain herself was thinking. He knew this was difficult for her. He knew she didn't want to do this. He could only stand there and cry, knowing his tiny granddaughter was fighting the most powerful army in the world all by herself.

The air force planes of the government that came in for a bombing run and the missiles they sent, by coward soldiers hidden some place where they themselves thought was secure, were all run by computers. That made it easy for Rain to control, and, after hacking into those computers, she sent them back with their deadly cargo, not to their starting point but to where the signal to send them originated.

The battles lasted for two days. At the end when the Army Generals and Congress thought that using nuclear bombs was the only way they could win, they found their computers disabled and the warheads in meltdown. The Generals and congressmen wanted to leave the country to hide, but each found themselves confronted by a Rain robot. After hours of screaming from excruciating pain, their dead bodies were brought out for display for the good citizens of the country to see. Other than for a look of horror on their dead faces the generals and congressmen seemed unharmed, for Rain had ice javelins made up to bring the worst images and fears latent in the generals' thoughts into vivid images they and their families were facing. They all died of fear, for the worst thing that can happen to a man is to have his mind turn against itself, and Rain now knew how to do that.

Rain laid down on the carpet after the two day war and slept. The six Rains around her sat on the carpet with their arms at their side as though they were turned off. The other children, who all stayed awake for the entire war being ready to assist if they were needed, had now gone to bed. Bill sat in the hangar looking at the sleeping Rain. He was concerned and tired too, but did not know if Rain was merely tired, or worse, possibly damaged. Two of the robot Rains stood up. One said, “Rain is tired. I will put her to bed” and she picked her up.

The other Rain robot said, “You are tired also” and picked Bill up to carry him to his bed. Bill felt funny having his six foot two inch body lifted by a thirty seven inch tall eight year old looking granddaughter and tried to resist, only finding he could not move due to the enormous strength of the robot. All he could do was to hold his legs straight and cross his arms over his chest, so his hands and feet didn't drag on the floor, and to holler, “Goodnight Rain.”


Chapter 31 

Bill now thought the place where a high ranking government officials lived was not one by their choice but that they lived in a place that was assigned to them. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton disappeared the same way as Holder did, down a hidden stairwell, in the very house they were said to have purchased, to a small locked room in the basement which was covered with bloodstains. Bill needed advice on how to combat these abductions. He called a meeting of all the family.

Bertram said the obvious, “Ya gotta first know who you is fightin', Billy.”

Bill says, “I need suggestions on how to draw them out. Is the gun and drug cartel that rules the world doing the killing of these politicians or are they just making it look like they were killed? They know we are not stupid and maybe they knew someday, if they had to use these exits to save their people, we would find them. This may be an elaborate rouse.”

Bill looks at Sis, then Tom and then Alma and says, “I don't want to start a fight right now. We don't know anything about them and we need time to prepare. The additions to the building are complete, but the children have not set up the automatic manufacturing yet. We will need almost another year.”

“William says, “Ten months tops for everything, Dad.”

Bill says, “You children are making good time. Your mother, or Grama to you younger children, and I are proud of you all” and then he continues describing his problems, “The citizens are calling for a vote. They want this to be a double vote where they vote guilty or not guilty on all of the people that Mickeytoo and I indicted. Then they want those citizens who found them guilty to have a second line on the ballot indicating their just punishment if the national overall vote is guilty. Some of the people have already been so angry at knowing the evils that have taken place that they have tried to punish the criminals themselves and have lost their lives in trying. But not all of the people have had time to understand the seriousness of this matter; they need more time. We are throwing out our government. Our national money is rapidly losing its value; soon it will be no good. Who and what will take the place of our government and money; how would the replacements be installed? Does anyone of you have any suggestions?”

Omo says, “Why don't you go back to supplying the government like you used to do?”

“Bill asks, “Why would I want to help them?”

“If you supply new faster computer chips than they now have, Dad, we can put in a back door that allows us to hack into the information they put in those computers. We would program the Read-Only Memory part, called a ROM, that starts the operating system to give us access. It would be almost impossible to detect, it would save us the time required to normally hack into it, plus we could get into the computers that we don't currently know exist.”

Bill rubs his chin with his left hand and says, “I am still on their bidder's list, and that does seem like a good idea. We'll look into it.”

The next day Bill, with Omo's help, wrote a proposal to the Defense Department to supply computers with ten times the speed of the ones they now have. The government knew it was being offered state-of-the-art computers but did not know Bill's computers ran with more than ten thousand times the speed of the current government computers.

The proposal was accepted with the usual condition that the government would inspect a prototype and inspect the facilities where they would be made, to make sure it had the capability to produce what was proposed. Bill said the factory could be ready for inspection in one month, and the project was put on top priority for all the children that weren't needed on the main project of bringing law and order back to the country.

One month later the government inspectors watched the assembly line produce one hundred computers an hour, each with a Terabit RAM and an internal Petabit hard drive, all within a cube five inches square by 10 inches tall. “We call it our mini-tower”, says Bill to the impressed government inspectors, while he was thinking, “We stopped using these old muskets eight years ago when we developed the micro chip with the exabyte RAM in kilo parallel mode to make computing faster than the speed of light feeding a zettabit hard drive, all run with RAIN logic developed by Rain, with everything physical squashed down to the size of a thumbnail by Sissy in her nanosystems lab. None if these imbeciles will ever develop anything like that. They just buy what is offered to them.” Bill then says, “We can make these babies for only eighty five thousand three hundred and sixty five dollars each after giving the government its discount.”

Bill got an order for ten million computers providing he can deliver them within one year. “Make it twelve million and I can drop the total to an even one Billion dollars” says Bill, adding, “That saves you almost twenty five million dollars.”

The government always likes to be able to say they saved money, so the order was increased. Bill tells Rain to shut the lights off when they leave. Before she leaves she turns on the autopurge to clean the facility of any dust then turns the potentiometer for the manufacturing speed up to level eight so when the purge was complete the speed was set for making fourteen hundred computers an hour. It was shortly after the first deliveries of the computers that Omo was able to look into the files on computers of people in government departments he didn't know existed and was seeing work being done that was against international law in every country in the world.

Meanwhile the citizens and government officials were taking sides for and against the Best Good Citizen. The citizens started using the symbol “-o-” in their internet correspondence to designate their support for BGC, as they knew the government was spying on all communication modes. Everyone eventually knew it represented the finger between the eyebrows.

It is now 2017. Bill and Alma are seventy nine years old. Sheriff Groden is ninety two years old. Tom and Bertram are ninety nine and Sis is ninety eight. The children threw what they called a Group Birthday Party for their elders even though that day was none of their actual birthdays. Their birthday presents were made and checked out. It was time to give them their presents. After everyone sang Happy Birthday, which was sung in the worst harmony ever, because none of the children were ever taught singing, the first present was brought out … or should I say, walked out on its own. It was a Bertram robot with every fighting move the children were ever taught by Bertram and also all the moves they could think of new.

The Bertron , as the robot was named, looked like a young Bertram. It had one hundred times the strength Bertram ever had, was one hundred times faster than Bertram ever was and could carry on an intelligent conversation all on its own due to the learning program designed by Rain, something which Bertram never could do. Omo demonstrated all these features to Bertram's amazement, but when the demonstration was over Bertron came over to Bertram and asked, “Are you proud of me papa?” Bertram cried and said, “You are the son I would'a had iff'n I ever had a son.”

The next present was called a Tomtron, which was a robot that looked like a young Tom Brogen. This robot could hold a rifle perfectly still and hit anything the rifle was capable of hitting if the operator knew everything about the rifle and ammunition. Tomtron had a complete memory of all rifle specifics and ammunition ballistics. It only needed one test shot with match ammo to hit dead center on every try after that, no matter what the time, days, months or years between shots. This robot had the standard strength of a robot, which was the same as the Bertron.

The next present was called a Sistron which was programmed to have an imagination and to assist in telling a story by outlining all possible options to the story from where the story was written.

The next present was called a Papatron which looked like a young strong Billy Giles. This robot was demonstrated in a courtyard where it jumped fifteen hundred feet in the air and could act like a girl when it landed. All the children laughed while Sis said “Gertrude told me, and I told the children, all about you trying to sell her cookies dressed as a girl.” Bill just smiled.

The next robot was called a mommatron, which had programmed into it all the knowledge of making masks and all the knowledge of all the children and grandchildren. It had enormous strength only because it was a standard strength for their robots.

Lastly was the robot called the Sherifftron that looked like a young Groden. It knew all the local enforceable laws, and knew in minute detail every Dragnet program made from just sitting in front of the television twenty four hours a day until he watched them all.

All of the robots had the conversation program installed in them and they seemed eager to get to know their new owners. Bill suddenly said, “These are the new weapons we need to fight the mob with … robots that look like regular people that can learn. How could they ever fight and win against these warriors?”

Rain smiled as she was seeing everyone so pleased with their gifts. She then touched the side of her head and cried.

After the party Bill met with his son William's second oldest son Charles, nicknamed Doc Chuck, who was assigned the field of medicine and who ran the usually empty but well equipped hospital in the compound. “Did you see Rain cry at the party?” asked Bill.

Doc Chuck says, “Rain is smarter than any of us. She must have a very fast acting brain. I would like to scan it, but you have a rule against that, grandfather.”

Bill looks concerned and says, “I have always thought that what made a person who they are was their brain and it was wrong to look into it, to analyze it. That is the most private part of a person and should be left to them only to handle. But I think Rain is having a problem. I would hate to find out she had a tumor that we could be repaired.. How can we help her if she is having a problem?”

“I could see if she would allow us to help. Like I said, she is smarter than all of us and she may allow the scan.”

“You're going to have to use your best bed-side manner to get her to consent. She will have conditions on it, so be prepared for questions you can't foresee.”

“How do I do that, grandfather?”

“I don't know. You are the doctor. Use doctor talk.”

The next day Rain was not at her computers. It took twelve children using twelve computers to replace her as best they could. Rain was sitting on the edge of the scanner she helped design. She knew what it could do and insisted that she be allowed to modify the program so it could only scan and not change anything in her brain without her one hundred eighty seven element alphanumeric password.

Two hours later she was sitting in Doc Chuck's office reviewing the scans. “Can we show grandfather these scans?” asks Chuck.

“He will think I am a freak” said Rain like she was going to cry.

“You are different, Rain. You are like a future woman. Grandfather has the most respect for you that is possible. He would never stop loving you. None of us can stop loving you. Now we know why you can do everything you can do.”

Bill sits down in front of the wall sized computer monitor looking at a scan of a regular brain while Chuck explains the areas that control all the features of human behavior. He then shows Rain's scans.”

Bill sits up straighter and says, “What am I looking at? Is her brain breaking apart?”

“No grandfather. She has four separate brains, each connected to a central processing lobe. Look at the brain activity when I asked what the one trillionth decimal of Pi was. She calculated it in her head and had the correct number in sixty five seconds.” and the video shows all four brains in the deep red of intense activity, all working together. The same thing happened when she was asked the unsolved question of explaining how string theory can answer the origin of the universe. She answered it in two minutes. Don't ask me if it was the correct answer. I should have asked her a question that had a proven answer. I don't know any of that stuff. But I would have to think she answered it correctly.”

“So why is she having these headaches, Doc?”

“She's had them before when she was young. Remember when she would cry a lot? The rest of us children told her to just grow up. She said you understood her and she tried to control it for you. I think that is when she had the first brain split. Her empathy part of her brain argued with the rest and pulled away to be on its own. It developed into a separate brain connected to a central lobe which controls her body and which acted like a mediator between the two parts. It was the two parts of her brain arguing that caused her first headaches.”

“But she now has 4 brains. What is causing the headaches now?”

“Let me continue, grandfather. When most people sleep their entire brain kind of sleeps. They become vulnerable. Rain's two brains, being at odds with each other, never wanted to sleep because they must have thought the other would attack, so they developed another brain to watch guard while the one slept. Both sides developed another brain so they would always have one on each side watching for an attack from the other. Did you know she stopped sleeping when she was six years old? Half of her brain sleeps, but she does not. She studies when everyone else is sleeping.”

“So lack of sleep is giving her headaches?”

“No. Look closely here on the scan. These two little dots are new brains being developed on each side. Those are what are giving her the headache. She is aware that something is going on in her head and the worrying is giving her headaches. Each side is building like an army to prepare for a possible attack from the other. When there is a common concern, like a math or physics problem to solve, they work together in parallel at super speed, just like the parallel-mode of the processors in the computers she designs, to solve the problem. Then when there is no problem to solve they go back to the defensive mode, guarding against an attack from the other side.”

“Will she be okay? Is this life-threatening?”

“I don't know grandfather. It is something new. Her brains are smaller than other peoples' but that doesn't mean each can hold less information. The way hers are connected she can obviously hold a lot more than other people when it comes to science. There is no physiological reason she could not live a normal lifetime.”

“Is there another reason, Doc?”

“I am afraid if there was a serious conflict between the two sides of her brains the turmoil inside her head might cause severe damage.”

“They can't actually fight, Charles. It's not like the two sides have weapons.”

“They have worse than physical weapons, grandfather. They have psychological weapons. They control her life with thought. They could make her kill herself.”

“Where is she now?”

“Either at her post in the hangar or setting up the automatic manufacturing.”



Chapter 30

Janet Napoliano did not name names as anticipated. She really didn't know them by name, but knew who they were. They were not the people Bill had expected. Bill had thought wealthy people like Soros and Gates might be on the list of people calling the shots, along with people from the Bilderberg Group and influential politicians and wealthy bankers, but she explained to him they were only the ones who had tried to rule the world a few years ago. They were now just pawns. The real rulers of the world now were the armament and drug dealers from all over the world who had combined into one ruling cartel. She didn't know their names. She only knew they ruled with intimidation and misinformation, for they had the money, power, and nerve to follow through on their threats to kill anyone who caused even a little grief to them.

Presidents like Obama and Felipe were just puppets for the mob; they were used to start wars and deflate or inflate the currencies at their boss's commands. Bill realizes the good citizens of all countries were now like chickens in a coup whose products could be stolen or who could be slaughtered without anyplace to run, all according to the whims of the mob, for where could they run … it is transforming into the mob's world .

Janet had decided to live whatever life the mob allowed and whatever freedom she was allowed. She knew that was the only life she had known even before she described the real world to Bill, so there was no change other than she may now be marked for death. “So be it” she said. “We are all in the same boat … their boat”, she added. Janet was returned to her home by Sheriff Groden, who blindfolded her so she would not know where she had been.

Bill now knew why there was a world-wide effort to disarm all citizens. Only the mob and the armies they controlled were to have guns and weapons. The United Nations was filled with the mob's goons trying to develop the New World Order, where they would control every aspect of everyone living on Earth. For Bill to regain his country, the war he was starting would require a world-wide effort. How could he ever run a world-wide war? He needed to talk to his friends.

Bill met with Alma, Sis, Tom, Bertram and Groden in the small conference room where he described the situation the country was in and the world problems facing him. The only answer they could offer was that everyone was behind him in whatever he decided. Tom said, “Take the country back first before you start the big war.” Bertram said, “You have to pick one off at a time”. Sis said, “I agree. Fight the smaller battle first.” Groden summed it all up by saying, “The way you eat an elephant is to cut off one small bite at a time.”

Bill says, “We will have to add some big additions to the compound for manufacturing a lot more drones and armaments. We have to develop some tools that they cannot possibly have … something so new they will be afraid of it.”

Sis says, “The complex already covers eight acres with all the additions the children put on for automatic manufacturing of everything they make, and for housing all the grandchildren and soon to be great grandchildren, along with the tunnels connecting all the buildings. Big construction here will draw attention to the place. That reminds me, those grandchildren should get more sunshine than they get from sitting in those courtyards surrounded by big buildings while they study. They only get sun for a short time around noon.”

“You know why they can't leave the compound, Sis”, says Bill.

Bill was referring to the fact that Sis was the midwife who delivered Bill and Alma 's children who received retroactive birth certificates when they went to Alde Long's school. But shortly after that enrollment Bill pulled them out from the school to be home-schooled. When his children had children Sis delivered them also and they were immediately home schooled by Bill and their parents. They have no papers. No one other than the family knows they even exist, and the family is afraid to let anyone know about them now for fear they would be taken away.

How did Bill's sons have children without a wife? How did his daughters have children without a husband? … paid surrogates for the boys and purchased sperm for the girls. The mates were carefully selected by Bill, Alma and Sis, based on looks, intelligence, and health, chosen from occupants of other cities, and the children were taken from the surrogates immediately after birth. It seems money could buy anything, and Bill had plenty of money.

The children and grandchildren all have the surname of Giles. They look different from each other due to the different characteristics of their parents. For example, Bill has light brown hair, as does Alma, and Bill is six foot two inches tall, whereas his son William has blonde hair and is six foot eight, and William's first born, now twenty five, has pitch black hair from the surrogate and he is seven foot tall. Sissy, Bills youngest child, has dark brown hair, is just five foot tall, whereas Rain, her daughter, has hair so blonde it looks white and she is only thirty six inches tall at seven years old and was expected to only reach at most four foot eight inches tall.

The children always knew other children lived differently from them by watching television, which they themselves rarely did watch. They thought other children wasted their time and were somewhat retarded; they didn't want to know them or live like them anyway. The compound was all the children knew and all they needed, for everything they needed was delivered to the compound. They were happy and loved, and that was what mattered.

Bill says, “I agree with everyone that we should deal with the task at hand first. That is good advice. I will wrap up the prosecution of our country's leaders before I even let on that we will have a world fight. That will give us time to prepare. I will let it be known that Janet did not know any pertinent names to tell. That should calm the mob's concern. That is all I can do to help Janet. She is on her own as she wants to be.”

Bill designs the new buildings with his children's input as to what they thought they needed for expansion in their areas of expertise. The Brazilians returned to start work on the enormous additions, which was to cover ten more acres. One acre is for a residential building ten stories tall and nine acres is for a manufacturing building that is one hundred feet tall, and has six floors in half of it with a large open five acre building that would be set up for automatic manufacturing by the children. A five acre building, by the way, is over one thousand feet on a side.

Shortly after the start of construction the State Building Inspectors came by and wanted to inspect the building construction prints and permits. They were refused entry. Bill said the construction conformed to all of Billyville's building codes and the State had no right to verify it. Sheriff Groden said the building conformed to county code and the State had no right to inspect anything. He then threw them off the property.

Meanwhile, the children were diverting the government's attempts to discover the source of BGC's control. The government could not find Bill's computers to break into, but Bill's children could hack theirs at will. When the government tried to disrupt communication by dropping aluminum confetti all around Bill's drones that were covering the White House, Rain was able to program their computers, which operated at a much faster rate than the government's computers, to predict when an opening in the confetti was available and would stop communication only when blocked by confetti. This allowed for slower but complete communication, whereas the government's drones could only communicate continuously and would lose whatever data was blocked by the confetti, thus getting garble at the receiving end. The only thing the government confetti caused was a disruption in the government computers, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Bill who thought the confetti had been demonstrated to be a tool they could use.

After two months of eighteen hour days of Bill's work getting depositions of the criminals who are and have been running the government, he broadcasts on television a summary of the results to the citizens. He is very succinct, as the list is incredibly long:

Obama and Felipe Eduardo Domingo: Suspected of committing many crimes, the worst being that they knowingly committed fraud by presenting themselves as a qualified President when they knew they weren't qualified. They should be tried for TREASON. The penalty if convicted is death.

Holder: Suspected of committing many crimes, the worst being the sale and transportation of arms to the drug cartel. He should be tried for MURDER. The penalty if convicted is death.

Every banker who had a managerial position at the Federal Reserve or one of the banks called “Too Big To Fail” should be tried for massive theft from the citizens for lying to the public and for the manipulation of metal prices and inflation. The penalty if convicted is a fine for the amount they are worth, since their worth has been stolen, and life imprisonment.

Every Congressperson and Senator who never pointed out the wrongdoings of the government should be tried for dereliction of duty. The penalty, if convicted is a fine for the amount of their worth and thirty years in prison.

And the Best Good Citizen kept listing bankers, politicians, influential people, publishers of media news, CEOs and Presidents of big companies and everyone associated with the downfall of the United States . It took him eight hours just to list everyone that should go to trial, the crime they were being accused of, and the punishment he was recommending should they be found guilty At the end of the eight hours he said that more names of lesser criminals were listed on his website , where all the evidence necessary to convict everyone named was laid out in plain language.

The government immediately tried to discover who owned that website and found it was owned by a company just called “A”. When they tried to find out who owned company “A” they found it was company “B”, and this went on to show company Z was owned by company AZ. When they punched in company “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” they found it was owned by company “AZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” which itself was owned by company BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. A simple program designed by Omo kept Bill one step ahead of them.

Bankers were the first to try to get out of the country even though Bill restricted them to their houses which were guarded with Bill's drones. The bankers hired military soldiers to ram through the wall of their house with heavy tanks, hoping they would be rescued by leaving inside the tank. The drones, seeing the approaching tanks would automatically call for the assistance of a transport that would shoot an incendiary missile at the tank which would burn a track off, disabling the vehicle. Bill's incendiary missiles did not use the standard thermite , a mixture of aluminum powder and iron oxide that burns at a high temperature. He used a much more powerful compound developed by Reggie who called it frazillite which could burn through anything that melts under fifty thousand degrees Centigrade, which is everything.

As the surveillance of the criminals continues, Maddy says, “Grampa, Holder has been in the bathroom for five hours. Do you think he committed suicide?”

Bill says, “He is too much of a coward to even think of doing that, Sweetie. We have no way of knowing what he is doing in there. His GPS signal shows he is still there. We respected the privacy of those we are guarding by not installing cameras in the bathroom. Give him another hour and then call the police to check on him.

When the police came with a locksmith they found the bathroom empty. Sissy checked the bathroom with a forensic drone and found the tiny GPS unit that was inserted in Holder was in back of the toilet. It looked like the blood from its removal had been washed off. Bill says, “Check everyone that left the building from the time Holder went into the bathroom.”

Rain runs all the cameras at the building's doorways and emergency exits to check if anyone leaving could possibly be Holder. “No one even fitting his height or weight, Grampa” she said after a twenty minute scan of all cameras covering all people coming and going for six hours.

Bill wondered if Rain's brain operated faster than others or if her eyes, being a purple color, just worked faster than others, for she could recognize a person's face and build after only a two millisecond view whereas most people required about fifty milliseconds. “She is amazing”, he thought as he said, “Keep an eye on everyone going out Rain. He's has to be somewhere.”

But after two days Holder did not surface. Bill says, “He is not in the building and he did not leave. Where could he have gone?”

Rain says, “Look at these, Grampa. See these men walking into the building carrying large attaché cases? See how they can swing them easily. That means they are empty. Now watch them come out. See they no longer swing them and how their shoulder is lower like now the attaché cases are heavy? Do you think Holder was chopped up and was inside those attaché cases?”

“That's pretty farfetched, Rain.”

Rain points to a monitor and says, “Look at the forensic drone, Grampa. It is just inside the window in the bathroom. The measurement from the window frame to the wall is fifteen feet. Now the drone is going out the window and the measurement to the next window is sixty five feet. Now it is going inside the next room and the measurement to the wall is forty four feet. Walls inside the same apartment are usually only about six inches thick. Where is the missing five and one half feet? I'm thinking there are two walls with a five foot wide room inside.”

“Good detective work Rain. Call in a transport to punch a hole in the wall. Let's take a look behind that wall” said Bill

“I have one waiting, Grampa. We will use its laser to cut a hole big enough for the forensic drone to go in” and when the drone did go in they found a stairwell going down. And when they reached the next lower level, which was the basement, they found dried blood all over the floor in a little room.

Bill was shocked to see the blood on the floor in that basement room. It did not however seem to affect Rain at all. She sent the forensic drone down to the basement by the regular cellar stairs to inspect the other side of the locked door of the room and found it was one of the standard locker rooms assigned to the apartments in the building, this one designated to the apartment Holder was assigned to. It was padlocked. The drone used its infrared light to detect a single left foot bloodied footprint leading up the stairs going outside. The print faded quickly and following it further could not be done.

Bill looks at Rain and says, “You are right. Holder must have been in those attaché cases. Who would have done something like that?”

Rain says, “The powers that be.”


Chapter 29 

When Bill looked up from the camera he says, “Sissy, let Groden know he is going to have Janet Napoliano for a visitor which he is to treat as both a guest and a prisoner. Shooter, I want Janet to be picked up with one of the old untraceable cars. Set it up to be computer operated and have it drive her to Groden's house. I also want you to have two other old computer operated cars that have dummies that look like Janet in them that will be able to go in different directions as a divergence. Omo, I want you to run guard drones to protect her until she reaches Groden's house, then keep everything you need near the house to protect her from all kinds of possible assassination attempts. That is a lot to get done in a couple hours, so act as fast as you can.”

The children run out of the hangar and split into different directions without even one word spoken to each other. Without talking, they somehow knew what each of their jobs would have to be in order to meet the deadline given to them. Only Rain was left in the hangar, working feverously at her ten computers simultaneously.

One hour and twenty five minutes later the children started coming back into the hangar to begin work on the old cars in the corner of that large room. They installed things in the back seat of the old cars, objects under the hood and stuff under the dash board, even items under two of the cars. The physical work was completed and the computers were testing the operation of the cars just within the two hour time frame given them. Suddenly Bill sees Janet Napoliano appear about twenty feet from one of the old cars and walking towards one of the other cars. “What is she doing here! How did she get here?” hollered Bill.

Rain giggles and says, “That is just a hologram, Grampa. The three cars have been equipped with the laser optics to show an illusion of Janet. If anyone is watching her come out of the house we will need two more Janets for them to see get into the two decoy cars.”

“So that is what you were working on here. That hologram looks so real. How can you do something like that? Oh wait. I forgot. You are a genius. Excellent work. Just excellent work, Rain.”

Rain chokes up when getting compliments from Bill, as usual, and she knew her voice would crack if she said ‘thank you', so she gave Bill a thumbs up and quickly looked down like she had more work to do.

Bill says, “Let's get going, children. We have a four hour drive to pick Janet up.”

The big door to the hangar opens and William says, “We will make it in less than one hour, Dad.” A large transport airplane is seen just outside the door with its back ramp down ready to accept the three computer controlled cars. “Where have you been hiding that thing, William?” asks Bill.

“When we built all those additions to the big building for our growing family I had a small hangar built for it. It only cost fifteen million dollars for the building and transport plane with the computer controls we added. It is a drone also.”

Bill smiles and says, “You were better at architecture than I was, so I let you design the additions. Maybe if I reviewed the plans I would have seen it.”

“That's understandable, Dad. You never even had the time to walk through some of the additions to this day” says William.

The cars drove themselves into the plane and were automatically clamped to the frame. Bill then sees about two hundred drones of all sizes fly into the back of the transport and land on racks with their number on it. A small clamp locked each drone in place on the rack. “Are those the guard drones?” asks Bill.

“Guard drones and other stuff, Dad” says Omo, and adds, “We are prepared for all kinds of assassination attempts.”

The ramp closes and Omo watches his monitor as he maneuvers the transport on its way down the long driveway without a pilot. Forty five minutes later the transport glides down to five feet above a highway on a straight stretch where there is no traffic, lowers its ramp and the old cars' engines start. Slowly the cars back down the ramp, and when the back tires hit the idler rollers at the edge of the ramp the car engines speed to exactly eighty miles an hour, the minimum ground speed of the transport and the maximum speed of the six cylinder flat head engine in the 1952 Plymouth sedans. An air cylinder pushes the car off the ramp and the tires, already going the speed needed, do not make a sound when hitting the pavement. All while the old cars are unloading, the small drones inside the transport unlatch from their rack and flying out the back. After two miles traveling above the highway the transport closes its ramp and goes back up to a two thousand foot flying elevation. Meanwhile the small drones are attaching to the top of the three old cars by vacuum suction cups in order to preserve their batteries. The cars slow to the speed limit and in each car's driver seat an injection of air begins to blow up a man-looking balloon, thus making it look like they had human drivers.

At this point only five young grandchildren were needed to operate everything. Omo and Rain are watching the monitors showing everything that was moving in the air and on the ground. They occasionally gave directions to the grandchildren who were running everything, as they were only five years old but wanted to be part of the operation.

When the old cars approached Janet's house Omo and Rain took back the controls. The cars pulled up to the house and three Janets are seen coming out, one getting into the back of each of the three old cars, all of which immediately has air blown into the Janet-looking balloon in the back seat due to the fact that the hologram could not be projected inside the car. The real Janet collapsed to the floor as soon as she slid onto into the back seat, from an ice javelin set to make her sleep, so she would not know where she was going. The three old cars leave the house. The cameras on the many drones now in the air, show four cars down the road turning their lights on and starting to follow. Apparently whoever was following did not want Janet; they wanted whoever picked her up to lead them to BGC's whereabouts.

The lead old car turns right at the first intersection and speeds down the road, the last two old cars go straight at a slow speed. Two of the cars following also make a right hand turn and suddenly speed after the one, which now at eighty miles an hour goes right over a ravine. One of the following cars follows it over the ravine. Both the old car and the pursuing car explode upon impact with the rocks one hundred feet below. The remaining pursuit car turns around and is facing a drone which shoots a bullet that was a small bomb. The driver's side wheel of the car explodes, knocking off the entire A-frame that holds the wheel. That car is disabled. The GPS and cell phones inside the disabled car are also disabled by the drone, leaving the two occupants stranded with no communication ability. They get out and stand there, stunned and wondering which way to go to escape these drones and start heading home.

In the meantime the other two old cars, both 1952 Plymouths like Bill's first car, became three again as the third old Plymouth drove up between the other two, making the people following them believe the first one had come back. Bill looks over at Rain who was feverously running her ten computers. Bill now knew that third car was a hologram and wondered how such a tiny girl could be so brilliant. The first and second old car now turned off and sped down a highway with the last two following in their pursuit. The second speeding Plymouth drives right into the woods with apparently no damage. The first of the pursuit cars follows that car into the woods assuming there was a road he could not see and is destroyed when it smashes into the trees, leaving the remaining pursuit car behind the real old Plymouth which had stopped in the middle of the passing lane as a big trailer truck is bearing down on it. The trailer truck swerves and goes into the lane the Plymouth should have been in and the pursuit car, in that lane, just manages to miss the truck by driving off the road and down a steep embankment in time to avoid a deadly head-on collision. The two Plymouths then meet up and drive slowly to their destination, with the many drones back on top of the cars to save their energy energy, and where Janet, still groggy from the ice dart, is met with a hot cup of Shincha green tea and a warm smile by a pistol wearing Sheriff Groden.

As Janet comes to and is now sitting in Groden's living room sipping her tea Bill comes on Groden's television and says, “Janet, you are with Sheriff Groden. Grody, this is Janet Napoliano who is your guest and prisoner. If she tries to escape, shoot her in the leg. Tomorrow, Janet, we will finish our conversation where you will name names. I am not going to let the people know you supplied the names, but will tell them you refused to name anyone. You will then be as safe as you have been. You will then let me know if you want me to protect you or leave you be. But if you actually refuse to help by not supplying the names I will tell the people you named everyone and will not protect you. Have a good night” and the television returns to the reruns of Dragnet that Groden was watching.

Bill sees Rain run from the hangar and follows her. He finds her sitting in the elevator that goes to the cave and is crying. “What is the matter, pumpkin?” asks Bill.

Rain tries to stop crying and says, “I almost lost that hologram of the car when I swerved it into the woods. I almost wrecked the project.”

“Didn't you practice making that hologram?”

“No. The plan called for the remaining two old cars to split up, but I knew the cars following us would be split up too and I had no plan on how to get rid of the car following the one with Janet in it. It was a last minute desperate attempt to get both of the chasing cars to follow the one and a hologram, and I almost wrecked the project.”

“Did you ever try making a hologram of a speeding car before?”

“No. That was the problem. I had to keep the drones with the lasers in the right positions as they followed the car in order to generate the hologram. I was doing the math in my head. There was no time to check it, and for a second, when I had it go into the woods, it got real complicated. I was unsure of my calculations. One of the trees looked like it passed right through the car. The car wouldn't have followed it if he saw it was like a mirage.”

“Your plan worked. Who else could we have put on the project to do what you did?”

“I am the lead child in charge of optics. If I couldn't do it none of them could do it.”

“Right. Someday, maybe when you are sick with a temperature of two hundred degrees and are thinking fuzzy, maybe, just maybe then you will make a math error. Until then I am going to keep thinking you are perfect.”

Rain looks up and sees tears on Bill's cheeks too and smiles, saying, “Thanks Grampa.”


Chapter 28

When the discussion, or confrontation would be a better word, in the Press Room ended Bill just stood on the stage in the hangar looking at his whole family sitting at computers looking back at him as he took off his mask. He smiled and said, “You guys can act fast when you have to. Whose idea was it to put the light on the teleprompter so I would know right where to look to make it seem like I was looking right at the person I was talking to?”

Hanna said, “I only made the suggestion as to what would be a good idea. It was Rain who did all the three dimensional calculations for angle and plugged them into the computer to show on the teleprompter.”

“How could you calculate them so fast, Rain?” asked Bill.

“I did them in my head, Grampa.”

“My children are smarter than me, their children are smarter than them and the fourth generation will probably be smarter than everyone. Nice job, Rain.”

Rain smiles like she was going to cry, but she is a big girl now. She is seven and has that six year old child's emotion under control. She says, “Thank you, Grampa” and quickly looks down like she had work to do.

Bill and Rain have a special secret together. Once Bill came into a room where Duffer, the then two year old grandson of Bill's, was crying. Rain was hugging him and crying too. When Bill saw Rain, then six years old, crying, he felt so bad that he started crying, and the three hugged until they all felt better. Rain had asked Grampa why he was crying and he said it made him sad to see little girls cry. He told her little girls should always be smiling and happy because they bring so much joy to the world. When Bill asked Rain why she was crying she said, “Boys have to grow up to be strong and fearless. They have to hide their feelings to look strong. But when little boys cry I know they are really like us girls inside and it makes me sad that they will have to hold the hurt inside when they grow up to pretend they are so strong.”

Bill hugged Rain again and said, “Don't ever give away that secret of men. You are one of the few girls who know men are mush inside just like girls.”

Rain said, “I like boys just the way they are. I won't tell the secret, Grampa”, and Bill said, “You can tell everyone that I like you just the way you are.”

Hanna, who had been monitoring the news channels, says, “There has been an attempted assassination on Holder by ten men storming his office. He wasn't there and the assassins got away.”

Bill says, “Put me on all the Televisions when I come back”, which was ten minutes later when he was wearing another Best Good Citizen mask. “Good citizens of the United States , please do not take the law into your own hands. You will be just like them if you do. We are a land of laws and must handle this as we would have in the old days when honorable men like Jefferson and Adams held office. Holder is the worst of the government criminals and will be dealt with in a proper legal manner. Do not act on your own.”

But all of the people did not listen to Bill. Washington DC was stormed by thousands of armed citizens the next day, most of which were shot down by hidden government drones before Omo could get control of them. Bill now knows that Homeland Security had been preparing for such an outbreak from their citizens and had an arsenal of weapons ready for them.

Bill, back on televisions across the country says, “Anyone who tries to attack the politicians will be killed by the politicians. They have been preparing for a revolution for many years. They have the tools to handle however many of you, my good citizens, who are foolish enough to attack them. That plan of yours will not work. I am the only one with the tools to win our country back, and it must be done by the rule of law. We cannot allow ourselves to stoop to their level with requited lawlessness. If we want to regain the Republic we lost, we must act like the people who set up that Republic many years ago. You will have your chance at justice after you have been presented with a proven list of their crimes. Then you will decide their fate and I will hand them over to you.”

Bill looks sternly into the camera and says, “Those who take the law into their own hands are not good citizens. I do not represent you and you cannot look to me for protection” and then touches his finger between his eyebrows and says, “My country. My life.” The televisions around the country go blank for a minute and then return to the program they were previously tuned to, or turn off.

Bill stands on the stage used for his speeches and tells his children, “The citizens are impatient for revenge. We will have to speed up our interrogations of the criminals. Mickeytoo, our specialist in politics, will make up a list of criminals for everyone to find and track. When I am questioning one of them and they mention another of the criminals I want to bring that person on camera right away. That means we will need to know where everyone is on Mickeytoo's list at all times and have a drone ready with a camera. Things will go much faster now children. We have to act as though we are all one person who has amazing abilities. As soon as you are ready we will begin.

That night Bill was playing with his three year old grandson Duffer, who looked like he was going to grow into a large powerful man. They had just finished watching a short program together on public television about Silverback Gorillas in Africa . After the show as Duffer comes out of the bathroom and down the hall in his underpants, Bill growls and bends over with his knuckles on the floor like the big gorilla that ran his troop of gorillas on the show. Duffer bends over like the gorilla that challenged the leader and then stands up and beats his chest like the challenger did. Duffer then runs waddling like a three year old would, and the challenger did, with his arms up and whooping like the challenger did. Duffer runs into Bill who pretends to have been knocked down. At this point Duffer didn't know what to do as the program showed the big Silver Back scaring the challenger away. Duffer beats his little fists on Bill's chest and Bill pretended to cry like the challenger did when he gave up. Duffer gets off Bill and Bill pretends to run away whimpering. Duffer laughs and hollers, “Night, Gampa” and Bill comes back to give him a gorilla hug, which is one that squeezes the air out of the little tyke, while he says, “Gru-gru” like the big gorilla said when he was happy, and added, “Good night Duffer, you little monkey. Be a good boy for your momma.” Duffer runs back down the hall, always to remember that moment with Bill.

Bill made it a point to have special moments with each of his grandchildren, like with his six year old granddaughter Madeline, who was nicknamed Maddy. Bill was taking care of Maddy when her mother was very busy having another child. Bill was doing their wash to help them out and would ask Maddy how every stain on her clothes got there. Maddy of course did not know how most of them got there, so Bill would always say, “Probably poop stains” which Maddy would get angry and holler, “No they're not.” After about ten times of saying they were poop stains she would start laughing when she said they weren't poop stains. Then when it looked like that joking ran its course and her clothes were coming out of the dryer Bill sniffed one of her panties and shook it very hard, saying, “I have to make sure all those farts washed out” at which time, being conditioned to his humor, Maddy burst out laughing. She never told anyone about that day but always fondly remembered it.

Two days later William tells Bill that the team is ready for him to begin his investigation. Bill asks, “You have everyone located on Mickeytoo's list?”

William says, “And those that might be mentioned are also located.”

“That was fast work, William. Let's start asking those crooks some embarrassing questions.” He goes into the hangar to find his whole family sitting at their posts. There were forty eight children and grandchildren old enough to help with the electronics for the project. Most of the children operated their own computer station, twelve of the children operated two stations each and Rain alone operated ten stations. Omo had the controls set for autotrack where once a target was located the family member monitoring that target they could punch Control-T on the keyboard to have the drone automatically track that person and communicate with other drones and transports for relays in the tracking. The children sat at their stations ready for anything as they watched Bill climb up to the stage in his Best Good Citizen mask and shirt. He waved his finger to Omo and Bill was suddenly on all the televisions in the country.

“Good morning, good citizens. There was an attack on Holder s few days ago that failed. This is how it should have been done” as Holder is suddenly shown on the split screen sitting at his desk. “Good morning Holder, you lying sack of shit. I would like to ask you a few questions about the Constitution and that Fast and Furious debacle you are part of.”

Holder, knowing what happened to the president and his boss, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, knew this would probably happen to him and said, “I plead the fifth.”

Bill says, “You can't. You have already disregarded the Constitution and cannot rely on it whenever you feel it useful. It is either in effect or it is not. Tell me one way or the other and I will go along with your decision, but know this, if you say it is in effect I will charge you with treason for defiling it. If you say it is not in effect you cannot use the fifth.

“I had nothing to do with Fast and Furious” says an arrogant Holder.

Just then the drone in the room goes “fftt” and Holder holds the end of his nose. “What was that?” he asks.

“That is bee venom, you liar. It will make the end of your nose swell out a little, just like Pinocchio's whenever he lied. Want to try again? On the screen you will see some correspondence from you regarding your involvement with Fast and Furious. You were aware of it from the beginning. So was your buddy Broka Bama. Do you deny it?”

“I plead the fifth.”

“Ahh. So you are recognizing the Constitution. Very good. According to the Constitution, which you took an oath to uphold, your job was to protect our borders, you refused to protect our borders and you allowed illegal aliens to enter our country without evicting them. Is that correct?”

“That was Janet Napoliano's job to secure our borders” as Holder rubs his nose that was already getting red.

Janet Napoliano suddenly appears on the television in a bathrobe eating a breakfast at her kitchen table while watching Holder and Bill on a small television on the other side of her plate. Bill smiles and says, “Janet. You are looking as attractive as is possible for a troll. Did you hear Holder just say you were the one responsible for not protecting our borders as is required in the Constitution?”

“I was directed by the President to leave the borders porous. The President was told to do that by Holder. Holder is a liar who deserves another bee sting.”

“I have enough documentation to hang Holder already, so we will leave him be for a moment and concentrate on you. But first” and Bill waits for the drone to go “Fftt” to continue, “I want to give you a tracking devise of my own, Holder. Just in case you try to hide” and he turns back to Janet and asks, “What were you going to do with all those caskets and ammo you bought for the NSA?”

“They were routine purchases that were bought in bulk to save money.”

A drone in the room goes “Fftt” and Janet is holding the end of her nose.

“I have documents that show the purchase was specifically to be used against our citizens should they riot or even just protest against any actions of the government. Are you aware of those documents?”


The drone again goes “Fftt” while Janet is still holding her now red nose and another bee sting is inserted, for there was just enough room between her fingers for a tiny ice javelin.

“Those documents were from you, Janet. You wrote them.”

“Okay. Okay. What did you expect me to say?”

“ The truth , Janet. Does any politician know how to just tell the truth ? Do you realize how important these questions are to the country and to you?”

Just then two men come in with big fly swatters to smack down the drone. The drone zigs and zags to evade the swatters. After a few seconds the drone goes “Fftt, Fftt” and the two men smile, then laugh, then drop to the floor shaking while laughing so hard.

“What did you do to them?” asks Janet.

“I shot them with what we call laughine. It is a mixture of laughing gas, morphine, and a few proprietary chemicals. It tickles every nerve in the body. It is harmless. They will stop laughing when they get exhausted and will then have a happy sleep for about eight hours.”

Bill continues, “Would you like me to present the documents I hold without your answers about them? I will do it if you want me to. I wouldn't recommend it though. Do you have any defense you would like to present on your behalf? Think of all the documents you ever wrote and know I have a copy of them.”

“I was just following my orders.”

“That excuse wasn't even accepted in the 1940s Nuremburg Trials. We won't accept it now either. Your actions have jeopardized the good citizens of this country.”

“How did I jeopardize people?”

“By your Political Correctness bull crap. Your TSA allowed Muslims to board planes without searching them if they were wearing a burka. You authorized that just so you wouldn't offend the Muslim religion. You had no idea what they could have been carrying under that robe, nor did you know what they looked like, nor did you even know if they were a man or a woman. You could not even have known if they were Muslim or some male bomber in a burka. You also authorized strip searches of little children and old people just so it would look like you weren't signaling out any particular type of people, yet you let the very people who have been all of the terrorists known worldwide, the Muslims, pass unchecked. You were supposed to be looking for terrorists. Has there ever been little girl or old lady terrorists? No. The terrorists have always been young Muslims, and that is what your TSA should have been looking for and searching for. You are stupid and were incompetent in that job, Ma'am.”

“Since I am no longer part of this administration and am now with the University of California , I do not have to answer any more questions.”

“I am asking questions about what you did while you were in the federal administration. You may have been able to evade questions from the corrupt legal system that exists in this administration, but you cannot evade my questions. I represent the good citizens of this country and I will get answers for them.”

“Not if I don't answer them.”

“I will not force you to answer them even though I could shoot you full of the truth serum sodium pentothal . Instead, I will use your own documents to indict you. You have just made another dumb mistake.”

“Wait. What if I turn State Evidence? Would I get immunity?” asked a now worried Janet.

“I am just the investigator. Only the good citizens of the United States can grant immunity. I could suggest leniency if the information is of sufficient quality, but let me remind you, I have done due diligence and have all the information you may have to offer. I know everything you have done and where you have done it. I know everything you have said and written and to whom it was said to and written to. What can you add?”

“I was on a power high. After that first time I acted tough and everyone accepted my authority I got carried away with what I was allowed to do. I wanted to leave that job but by then they wouldn't let me.”

“Who is ‘they'?”

“The powers that be. You probably know who they are.”

“I want to hear it from you, Janet. Name names.”

Janet turns away from looking at Bill on her television as though he was sitting across from her at her breakfast table and said, “I guess it doesn't matter who kills me, whether it is you or them. All I wanted to do was have a job with some authority. You know, like I was somebody. If I name the world leaders they will have me killed.”

At this point all of the televisions in the country other than Janet's resume their previous programing or turn off if they were off before Bill took control. Bill seems to look at Janet from the television in her kitchen and says, “This is being said only to you right now, Janet. If you believe I can kill you, which is correct, then you must believe me when I say I can protect you. I will be back tomorrow with that protection and expect you to name names, Janet. I will send a car to pick you up in about six hours or less to take you to a safe house. You will be safe there until tomorrow, which is when I will assume the responsibility for your safety.”

All of the televisions then come back on and Bill says, “I think we had some technical difficulties. I must check into that before we can continue” and, touching his finger between his eyebrows, he signs off saying “My country. My life.”



Chapter 27

The few generals that directed the Armed Services that were loyal to the President met at the White House to decide on a method of finding the Best Good Citizen, now called just “BGC” and how to eradicate his support base. The room they met in had just been painted with an epoxy paint that morning to cover any possible cameras and microphones. All pictures and furniture had been removed and no one was allowed to bring in a cell phone or an electronic devise of any kind. The windows had been closed prior to painting the room and remained closed with the new heavy drapes pulled closed. “There is no way BGC can have a working microphone or camera in this room. Feel free to talk openly, men” said the President.

General Raul Santiago, another Cuban and the President's cousin on his mother's side said, “We have to know what we are up against. No one man alone can do everything he can do. He has to have a large corporation behind him with employees knowledgeable in the many areas of chemical and electronic technology needed to carry out this terror. It has to be a very rich company also in order to develop the advanced armaments. It has to be a company like Microsoft, or Google, or Intel or some company like that, but those companies are not far right . It has to be a far right company, run by conservatives because Liberal companies would not disrespect the President the way BGC did.”

Suddenly there is a knock on the door. A young man and woman were standing at the door with two armed guards escorting them. They were holding three sheet pizzas just the way the President likes them. Although the man and woman were recognized by the President they were searched for weapons and wires, their pictures were taken then run through the facial recognition analyzer for identification. He was shown to be Steven Blohm and she was Mary Smith from Tony's Pizzeria where the White House gets all of their pizzas. The pizzas were accepted with everyone assuming one of the others ordered them; the delivery people were cleared and released. The license plate of the 1969 Chevrolet sedan they drove was written down.

Omo slowly and remotely raises the power to the microphone, knowing just turning it on would give a small and possibly detectable magnetic field from the surge current. He can now hear what is going on in the meeting room from the microphones in the folds of the pizza boxes which are now sitting in the middle of the table. Bill and Alma remove their masks in an alley, walk out and drive their 2013 Mercedes away from the area, leaving the 1969 Chevy in the alley with a smell of vanilla inside the car from the masks that were burned. Bill says, “It is easier to walk like an old man when you are young than to walk like a young man when you get older. Alma says, “You did just fine, Billy” and then asks, “Do you think we got Steven and Mary in trouble?”

“They are guests at the Rolling Lint's Music Rama. All it took was money to set that up. They are on the stage right next to Stinky Pinky the lead singer and in front of thirty thousand stupid kids their same age. The concert is also being televised all over the country. That should give them plenty of witnesses to support their alibi that they could not possibly have been at the White House to deliver those pizzas. Plus, those warts you added next to the ears on those masks should convince anyone that who delivered those pizzas were not Steven or Mary.”

As they are driving back to Appalachia Alma asks, “Why did we leave that old car, Billy?”

“The surveillance system saw us drive up in that car with the pizza. Sixty nine Chevrolet's didn't have titles. There is no way they can trace it to an owner. That is why I bought all of those old cars and trucks. They're like guns without a serial numbers or fingerprints.”

Alma says, “That old car did have fingerprints. Now I know why you had me make those gloves for us with different fingerprints. I hope they aren't anyone's that will end up in jail.”

“You and I had the same fingerprints on our hand masks, Hon. They do belong to someone … someone we know, but I'm not too worried about her getting in trouble. They are Gertrude's fingerprints.”

“How did you get her fingerprints?”

“From that unfinished bag of beef jerky. Her prints were all over it and were really good from the hardened grease.”

Alma slides over next to Bill and rests her head on his shoulder, “I miss Gertrude. She would be so happy to know she helped us.”

A few minutes later Alma asks, “The President did so much to make sure no one knew about the meeting, how did you learn about it?”

“We knew his cousin Raul would be in on any of his devious plans, so we always monitor his phones and electronic mail. There were three messages about the meeting and the security to be taken before the meeting.”

“So why did we have to go personally?”

“To see who attended and plant the microphone. Those people are Felipe's key people that we will have to fight. I recognized all but two of them. Do you know who that fat black guy and that old Mexican-looking guy were?”

“I only recognized the President. I haven't been following politics as close as I should have. I've been relying on you and the kids to do that. Sorry, Billy.”

Bill puts his arm around Alma and says, “You have been amazing with all the things you are doing. Did I ever say I love you?”

“Every morning, Billy. And you always thank me for marrying you. You're only required to say that once a year on Valentine's Day, you know. Hey, what is that car doing across the road?”

Bill touches his neck and says, “Omo. We may have trouble. Are you handy?”

From a small hearing aid-like devise he hears, “We're watching, Dad. There are about eight black boys waiting behind bushes. Looks like trouble. I have a couple drones piggybacking on top of your car. Let me know what to do.”

Bill stops the Mercedes ten feet from the old Toyota and just sits there. “I think they are waiting for me to get out so they can jump me” he says to Alma .

“Here comes someone from on my side” says Alma as she pushes down on the door lock button.

A skinny man of about twenty five walks over to the driver's side of the car while Bill gets out. “My car spun out and now it won't start. Can you give me a hand pushing it to the side of the road, Mister?” he asked.

Bill hears Omo in his earpiece, “Forty five auto in belt in his back outside of shirt. Handle facing to his right side.”

Bill walks up to the man and says, “Sure, Bro” and puts his right hand fist up for a fist bump as he knows the Blacks do to each other. As the black man goes to bump fists Bill grabs his right hand and spins him ninety degrees grabbing the pistol from his belt faster than the man could probably do it himself. “Tell your buddies to come out of the bushes” Bill says as he steps back around ten feet, cycling the pistol to make sure a bullet was in the chamber. He sees a round ejected, thus letting him know there was already one in the chamber.

The other guys do not come out from behind the bushes. Bill hears in his earpiece, “Two more drones on the scene. All the hiders have guns and are dawn. Advise.”

Bill says, “Put them to sleep for twenty four.”

He hears Omo say, “Temperature going to forty five tonight in that area. They will die from hyperthermia. How about two hours?”

Bill says, “Good. Do it, but not this punk in front of me.”

Bill then hears in his earpiece, “Three, two, one. Your man is now alone. Will wait for orders.”

The skinny black guy runs back to the bush he came from and Bill could hear him holler, “Lomane, Ratacha, Graneel. Wake up.” Then he stood up and hollered, “You killed them.”

Bill hollers back, “Move your car, you little creep, or you will join them.”

Bill and Alma then continued on towards Appalachia while the skinny driver slept behind the steering wheel of the Toyota now safely on the side of the road. Bill holds his finger to his neck and says, “That was quick thinking about the weather, Omo. You kids are doing a great job. You saved our lives and probably the worthless lives of those scumbags.”

Alma hollers, “We would still love you even if we died, but it is so much nicer to do it while we are alive” and she slides back over next to Bill asking, “Who owned that license plate on that old Chevy?”

Bill smiles and says, “It belongs to the bundler who took bribe money for Felipe's Presidential campaign. I would hate to be in his shoes when they track it down.”

The next day Sis, Tom, Bertram, Bill, Alma and all the children meet in the large conference room. Bill asks, “Who covered the President's meeting and what did they discuss?”

Mickeytoo said, “I covered the first hour and Shooter followed the discussion after the meeting. It looks like they are blaming the Clintons . The President said the Clintons always wanted Hillary to follow Obama as President and she felt used as the designated tackle. Felipe said the Clintons have the money and contacts to handle a big project like this. General Raul Santiago asked what the President wanted done with them. He said, ‘exterminate them.' Then some guy with a Spanish accent asked ‘Who do you want to do it?' Then we heard, ‘Ahs'll dewit' like he was some black guy.”

Bill says, “That fat black guy is a hit man. I bet that old Mexican looking guy was from the drug cartel that feeds the bosses that run the country.”

Shooter says, “We didn't have the props to see anything.”

Bill says, “I know. That is why we had to be there personally just to see who was present.”

Mickeytoo asks, “How can we stop that black guy from murdering the Clintons if we don't know who he is or what he looks like?”

Bill says, “We can't. We can try to follow the communications of the people that we know were there to see if we can get a name, otherwise the Clintons are dead and probably deserve to be.”

William says, “We can post guard drones around the Clintons . We could even ask them if they know the guy. We could even forewarn the citizens that a contract has been put on the Clintons by Filipe, so if it did happen he would be a prime suspect.”

Bill says, “Two good suggestions out of three? Didn't you think that last one through, William?”

William says, “Sorry Dad. I was just brainstorming and we know all ideas from that process aren't good. If we warn the citizens then the President will know we hacked his secret meeting, and we would be considered suspects also.”

Bill, standing behind William, puts his hand on his shoulder and says, “Correct” and then says to his other children, “We will do both of William's first two suggestions. Let's keep our eyes open for a fat black guy, around fifty years old, six foot tall, weighing around three hundred fifty pounds. Take him out if he looks like he is going to harm anyone at all.”

The grandchildren that were over ten years old, and who all were smarter than their parents at that age, were monitoring the drones and all of the communication methods including the television stations. Rhona, who is a brilliant and sensitive little girl, who also used to cry a lot when she was six years old, and from crying so much got the nickname Rain, but who is now seven and in charge of ten monitors that scan twenty television stations each, says, “The President is coming on TV, Grampa.”

“Put it on the big monitor, Pumpkin” says Bill.

The President walks out to the podium and says, “My dearest people and pizzas and other things …”

Bill says, “Omo. Don't play with his teleprompter. Let's hear what he has to say.”

The President starts again, “Good afternoon. As you know we have had terrorists try to take over our communication system. We have not apprehended them yet, but we know who they are. They have committed treason and the Constitution says treason is handled by the death penalty. We cannot let anyone jeopardize the safety of our citizens and will forcefully pursue these terrorists with all the power of our great nation. Do not believe the lies these evil people are saying. He calls himself The Best Good Citizen, but does not identify himself. Perhaps we should know him as The Best Big Coward.”

Two minutes later, as the President was trying to convince the citizens that what they heard was simply a terrorist's lies, Bill runs up on the stage in the hangar wearing his Best Good Citizen mask and hollers, “Omo, put me on everything . Give me that split screen” and suddenly it looked to everyone watching television like BGC was standing next to the President. Bill looks to his left and says, “Hi Filipe. How about we ask each other questions and see who is lying?”

The President looked like he wanted to run, but realized BGC was not really next to him. He asked, “What is your real name, Mister Best Good Citizen?”

Bill looks into the camera and says, “I don't have a name. You see, The Best Good Citizen does not exist; he only represents the Free Man. I am wearing his mask. I am called The Best Good Citizen because I represent the good citizens of this country. I am the best of the good citizens because I am going to return our country to the rule of law as all good citizens want. I am the one with the courage to take on the corrupt government you represent and punish everyone that was ever involved with the theft of our money and rights. I'm coming after you and your fellow crooks, Felipe”

Bill now slightly smiles, looks to his left as though looking at the President on the split screen and continues, “Now my question to you is: Do you remember I told you that your sleep time would be doubled every time I caught you out of the White House? Are you ready for a thirty two hour nap?”

The President looks nervously all around the Press Room looking for a drone and hollers, “No”

Bill says, “If you get back home right now I'll give you a pass on that nap, but the next time I find you out and about you will be given a nap for sixty four hours.”

The President runs from the Press Room and the televisions now show the Best Good Citizen who says looking at the camera. “I am not a liar nor am I a Terrorist. I will reveal the truth about this administration and the crooks that preceded this administration. I am not the Judge nor the Jury nor the Executioner. I will only present the information to you, fellow citizens. You will be the judge, juror and determiner of penalty. The good citizens know there have been no handcuffs ever put on the wealthy and powerful thieves. The good citizens want the return of The Rule of Law. I will put it back into your hands and you will decide what to do with it.”

A drone finally enters the Press Room and the camera sees one old reporter raising his hand like Bill was in the room. Bill can see the man now and says, “What is your question, Sir?”

The old man stands up and asks, “Will you let the Supreme Court decide the final verdict?”

Bill says, “No. We have a corrupt Supreme Court and they are part of the problem. John Roberts knew there was a question of Obama's citizenship and refused to look into it. Even when the facts showed Obama did not respect the Constitution, violated its laws many times, laws Obama swore to uphold, Roberts did nothing. Forget we even have a Supreme Court, for they also have shown no respect for the Constitution, which is their only job to protect. The good citizens will be deciding their personal fate also.”

The old man asks, “What about Congress? Will they still make the laws?”

Bill says, “The new Congress will. The old Senate and House will be vacated by almost all the people in there now because they are do-nothing thieves also. We have a corrupt Congress right now. Our whole government system which is Congress, the Executive branch and the Supreme Court must be all repopulated with good, sincere, hard working people who serve two terms at most and then return to their former lives with no further compensation or benefits. The only benefits they will get will be what all citizens get. They will only get the respect for the office they hold that they earn.”

The old man smiled while giving a subtle thumbs-up to the television showing Bill.

Then all the reporters raised their hand.

Bill says, “Almost all of you reporters are part of the problem. You have not told the good citizens the true story, but have told tainted the stories with your biased opinions. You have been a puppet for the government. Most of you will be investigated also. Put your hands down. You make me sick.”

Bill then looks into the camera and says, “I will keep our country informed as to what I am doing. The people I will investigate do not deserve respect, so don't expect me to be polite towards them. I intend to treat them like the scum they are.” He then touches h is index finger between his eyebrows and says, “My country. My life.” Then all the televisions in the country suddenly, and seemingly mysteriously, turned off.






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