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Where the name came from

What's with the title Woodpile Report? Well, it's this way, from January of 2004 until mid-2007 it was emailed to a subscibers list. In that form it was titled the Woodpile Weather Report. A picture of ol' Remus's woodpile appeared at the top as both a weather report and, by documenting the progression from log pile to chunkwood to a split 'n stacked woodpile, a witness to the seasonal changes. It was the thin thread from which comments hung. As thrilling as all that was, the comments metastasized and took over. But the title remains.

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You're about to be lied to when they say-

a hand up
a new study shows
a poll by the highly respected
a positive step
are speaking out
at some level
at-risk communities
best practices
broader implications
climate change
commonsense solutions
comprehensive reform
cycle of poverty
cycle of violence
demand action
disparate impact
diverse backgrounds
economically disadvantaged
emerging consensus
evidence shows
experts agree
fair share
fiscal stimulus
fully funded
give back
giving voice to
greater diversity
growing support for
gun violence
have issues
high capacity magazine
history shows
impacted by
in denial
inclusive environment
investing in our future
linked to
making a difference
making bad choices
marriage equality
mean spirited
most vulnerable
mounting opposition to
non-partisan, non-profit
not value neutral
not who we are
off our streets
on some level
oppressed minorities
our nation's children
people of color (sometimes, colour)
poised to
poor and minorities
positive outcome
public/private partnership
raising awareness
reaching out
reaffirm our commitment to
redouble our efforts
research tells us
root cause
sends a message
shared values
social justice
solidarity with
sow discord
speaking truth to power
statistics show
sustainable, sustainability
the American People
the bigger issue is
the failed ...
the larger question is
the more important question is
the reality is
the struggle for
too many
too often
touched by
underserved populations
undocumented immigrant
value neutral
vibrant community
voicing concern
war on ...
working families

. . . . .



You know who the media means by not saying who they mean when they say -

at-risk students
low-income students
mob and rob
mobbing up
pack of teens
rival gang members
roving group
swarm mob
teen gang
teen mob
teen thugs
troubled youths
unarmed teen
unruly crowd
urban youths
young people
young men
youth violence

. . . . .


Tactics of the Left
Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have

Never go outside the experience of your people.

Whenever possible, go outside the experience of the enemy.

Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon

A good tactic is one your people enjoy.

A tactic that drags on for too long becomes a drag.

Use different tactics and actions and use all events of the period.

The threat is more terrifying than the thing itself.

Maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.

If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside.

The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.

. . . . .


How To Create A Socialist State
by Saul Alinsky

1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

. . . . .


Moscow Rules
via the International Spy Museum

Assume nothing.

Never go against your gut.

Everyone is potentially under opposition control.

Don't look back; you are never completely alone.

Go with the flow, blend in.

Vary your pattern and stay within your cover.

Lull them into a sense of complacency.

Don't harass the opposition.

Pick the time and place for action.

Keep your options open.

. . . . .


Rules of Disinformation
via Proparanoid

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Become incredulous and indignant

Create rumor mongers

Use a straw man

Sidetrack opponents with name calling, ridicule

Hit and Run

Question motives

Invoke authority

Play Dumb

Associate opponent charges with old news

Establish and rely upon fall-back positions

Enigmas have no solution

Alice in Wonderland Logic

Demand complete solutions

Fit the facts to alternate conclusions

Vanish evidence and witnesses

Change the subject

Emotionalize, antagonize, and goad

Ignore facts, demand impossible proofs

False evidence

Call a Grand Jury, Special Prosecutor

Manufacture a new truth

Create bigger distractions

Silence critics


Remus's antidote: tell the truth as plainly as you can. Humor helps.

. . . . .


The Five Stages of Collapse
Dmitry Orlov

Financial Collapse. Faith in "business as usual" is lost.

Commercial Collapse. Faith that "the market shall provide" is lost.

Political Collapse. Faith that "the government will take care of you" is lost.

Social Collapse. Faith that "your people will take care of you" is lost.

Cultural Collapse. Faith in the goodness of humanity is lost.

. . . . .


The Five Rules of Propaganda
Norman Davies

Simplification: reducing all data to a single confrontation between ‘Good and Bad', ‘Friend and Foe'.

Disfiguration: discrediting the opposition by crude smears and parodies.

Transfusion: manipulating the consensus values of the target audience for one's own ends.

Unanimity: presenting one's viewpoint as if it were the unanimous opinion of all right-thinking people: drawing the doubting individual into agreement by the appeal of star performers, by social pressure, and by ‘psychological contagion'.

Orchestration: endlessly repeating the same messages in different variations and combinations.”

. . . . .


The Psychology of Cyber Attacks
Robert Cialdini

Principle of Liking - people tend to form trust with those they’re attracted to, both physically and emotionally

Social Proof - People are motivated more by what others do than a perceived or even quantifiable benefit

Rule of Reciprocation - Humans feel a sense of obligatory quid pro quo

Commitment & Consistency - Most people stick with their original decisions despite information that supports changing their course

Principle of Authority - Authority, whether real or perceived, elicits obedience in many people

Principle of Scarcity - People want to be included in exclusive offers and often make poor choices under pressure

. . . . .


How to prosecute anybody

Look around for "suspicious" behavior, i.e., behavior on the part of a private citizen that can be made to appear suspicious

Ruthlessly probe every element of the "suspect's" life, using the effectively infinite resources of the State, until enough "suspicious" behavior has been amassed

Assemble a huge list of charges to place before a grand jury

Present the case in such a fashion as to promote the less plausible accusations and obscure the more plausible ones, thus securing a grab-bag indictment

Offer the indicted person a plea bargain that will spare him centuries in prison and complete pauperization at the bargain price of a few years and/or a few thousand dollars.

Francis Porretto

. . . . .


Overused Military Sayings
Task & Purpose

Long pole in the tent
Oh and by the way
And getting blown up/shot could ruin your whole day
Bottom line up front
Zero dark hundred/ zero dark thirty
All of us are smarter than any of us
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt
Standby to standby
That’s not in your seabag
Hurry up and wait
Too easy
Only easy day was yesterday
You get what you inspect
Needs of the [service]
Ship, shipmate, self
Full spectrum
Slow is smooth, smooth is fast
Boots on the ground
Lackadaisical attitude
Soup sandwich
Warmy fuzzy
Shut up and color
Stay in your lane
Show me your war face
Just to piggyback on what the CO said
High speed, low drag
Dog and pony show
Shit hot
We got a lot of moving parts here
Break break
Are you tracking?
It would behoove you




gradient on blue texture
gradient on blue texture
gradient on blue texture
gradient on blue texture

JMW Turner, Fort Vimieux, 1831

Joseph Turner was English Romantic landscape painter born in 1775 to a working class family. His astonishing talent, relentless work ethic and inventiveness so impressed the established masters he was made a member of the Royal Academy of Art at age fifteen. Even with success he avoided the trappings of affluence and, with age, became ever more eccentric. Turner died of cholera in 1851.

The painting is of a legendary but otherwise dubious incident in which an English cruiser was stranded aground near a French fort in 1805 during the Napoleonic War. The cruiser allegedly continued to fire until the tide rose and refloated it.


art-remus-ident-04.jpg Rules for post-apocalyptic times

Ol' Remus's Most Excellent Rules For Survival, with a condensed description of each. Here are the three biggies.

Rule 1 - Stay away from crowds. Crowds are the simplest form of conspiracy. They may not have bad intentions, but no crowd has good intentions. For instance, crowds will 'redistribute' your supplies and call their intentions good. Joining a crowd limits your options, its motives are volatile, they're targets for even larger crowds, and what happens to the crowd happens to you.

Rule 2 - Food first. Adequate shelter and a campfire can be improvised and improvements made later. Food can't be improvised, and if imprudently deferred, physical and mental debilitation will follow. Hunger is not merely increased appetite, there's no "toughing it out", it's an exit ramp from life. All planning must first answer the problem of food.

Rule 3 - Good enough and plenty of it. Examples. Durable clothing appropriate to the climate with duplicates in depth. A manageable battery of effective and reliable firearms with a copious supply of ammo and deep reserves. Simple hand tools, basic materials, spare parts and small items in quantity. Double or triple backups for otherwise irreplaceable gear. Avoid anything with batteries or keypads if an alternative is available.

There won't be a conflict between Rule 1 and another rule because Rule 1 is inviolable. There are more rules. They're more fun to talk about.

Notice I don't mention water. Here in the eastern hills there's a run in every wrinkle and a river in every valley. There are creeks, ponds, weeps and springs in the hills themselves. It rains regularly. Water is more often a nuisance than a problem. The need for purification remains, however.


The Bishop of the Covington Diocese in Kentucky said, in a letter to parents, "the diocese was too quick to condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students". An excerpt, as quoted by NBC News:

"We should not have allowed ourselves to be bullied and pressured into making a statement prematurely, and we take full responsibility for it. I especially apologize to Nicholas Sandmann and his family, as well as to all CovCath families who have felt abandoned during this ordeal."

This is not the usual "non-apology apology" we get from politicians and other celebrities, carefully parsed to deflect responsibility. This is a straightforward apology with sincere regret. This is how a class act makes a course correction. We can assume a gesture of restitution to fulfill Christian ethics. NBC's reporting of the Bishop's apology, however, maintains as much of the smear as they believe salvageable.


Daniel Greenfield brings us up to date on the stunning implosion of the fake news media, at Sultan Knish. Some extra sweet excerpts:

It’s been a cold winter for the media. The Huffington Post was hit with major layoffs after its corporate parent, Verizon, grew tired of subsidizing Arianna’s vanity lefty project. The casualties decimated HuffPo’s opinion section and filled social media with unintentionally hilarious tweets by ‘journalists’ specializing in gender politics, poverty inequality and culture looking for work.

BuzzFeed, fresh off its recent Trump fake news scandal, announced 15% layoffs. The casualties included the fake news site’s national news team and national security team...

Journalism now is a bunch of millennial social justice activists playing dress-up. They’re not a profession or an industry. They don’t report. They don’t know anything. And they don’t serve the public. It’s not our fault that the people they really work for, won’t pay them.

Turns out rewriting each other's quotes of each other's paraphrasing was as dubious a career as it appeared to be. Learn to code, worthless parasites.


"Economy of words" gems

From the Z Man

Diversity and trust are mutually exclusive.

From Steve Sailer at Taki's Magazine, in response to Nancy Pelosi's, “... a wall is an immorality. It’s not who we are as a nation”

Who we are, evidently, are the people who aren’t here yet.

From Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish, about California's forest fires

The environment, as usual, ‘pollutes’ itself far more than the entire human race ever could.

From David Krakauer, quoted by Steve Paulson at Nautilus

Stupidity is using a rule where adding more data doesn’t improve your chances of getting a problem right.

From James Dakin at Bison Prepper

How does the same guy that says, “garden now, you need lots of practice”, also advocate pacifism?

From Theodore Dalrymple at Taki's Magazine, about cashless transactions

I cannot have a simple transaction with another party, nor it with me; there is always, at least potentially, a third party involved, so to speak, namely the state.

From Francis Porretto at Liberty's Torch

Today’s media tend to speak in coordination, as if there were a single source behind their “journalism.”

From CW Swanson at Daily Time Waster

The 9th Circuit is a clown show of regressive liberals and kooks, and an injection of adult supervision is long overdue.

From Don Surber, about Chicago and Jussie Smollett

This year, the number of actors noosed and bleached at 2 a.m. already has hit an all-time high. Of one.


The Diplomad responds to "a New York Times piece of nonsense about thirty European "intellectuals" signing a letter , written by the once respectable Bernard-Henri Levy , blasting the wave of populism sweeping Europe and bemoaning the collapse of the "idea of Europe". An excerpt:

This letter is unmoored from the reality lived by average people. Nowhere does it mention the hollowing out or abandonment of traditional industries in the name of globalism and Gaia worship. It ignores the vast swathe of European people left behind and ignored by the new economy and the new politics of a borderless world.

It decries the rise of antisemitism without ever noting from whence it largely comes, to wit, massive Muslim immigration, and leftist hostility towards Israel which quickly morphs into classic antisemitism.

Levy and friends, amazingly, completely ignore Islamic terror in Europe and around the world: no mention of the massacres in Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, etc. None. The word "Islam" appears nowhere, so, naturally, nowhere is there a hint as to why that feared "xenophobia" might be on the rise.


Migration explained, by reader JR at Chateau Heartiste

Europe and North America were cold and hostile places

We invented central heating, AC, supermarkets, and fast food

So now you can easily make it 70 degrees all the time and have a constant and steady supply of cheap food that requires almost no effort or intelligence to acquire

We’ve basically recreated Africa

and finally,

As I've said here before, the .22WMR is everything the .22LR should be. Compare each shooting a 40 grain bullet. The magnum is half again as fast, two and a half times more powerful. I figure the range at about twenty-five yards more. Putting it this way is misleading however, a hundred yard shot in these woods isn't going to happen all that often. It's more a matter of flatter trajectory and less deflection by wind.

On the down side, the .22 magnum cartridge is marginally longer and significantly more expensive than the Long Rifle. Around eleven bux per fifty rounds.

If I had to choose between them for my one and only rimfire forever 'n ever, the magnum would be my choice. That said, the .22LR is part of nearly everyone's core battery, as it deserves to be. The .22LR is, by default, the nearest thing we have to a universal gun, and the variety of cartridges seems to increase by the day. But we're Americans, so we deserve to have both.

My .22LR ammo reserve breaks down this way. More than three quarters of it is 40 grain, 1,200+ fps, with a copper plated bullet. I figure an 85 yd zero is about right. Endless, over-learned arguments aside, boring ol' 40 grainers have served me well. The rest is 45 grain subsonics and barely stabilized "long for caliber" 60 grain subsonics with a 65 yd zero.

My everyday stuff is also mostly 40 grain, mostly non-premium bulk pack remnants of diverse parentage, a bit-o'-everything-else and a few head scratchers. Like everyone else on the planet. Change subject

Everyone likes a Revenge Of The Nerd drama. The Covington one's okay, but they don't save the world and get the girl anymore. Nope, they play by the rules and nose tweak the enemies of righteousness, inflict a mortifying minute of annoyance and call it good. In this episode, our hero stands respectfully before the cowled star chamber and pulls a Poe-like twist. A flicker of light, murmured approval from the gallery, then back to dim and desaturated unreality. It's enough because it has to be enough. See aforementioned playing by the rules. Roll film.

USA Today's says, "lawyers representing Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann and his family said Friday they have sent letters to media outlets, individual journalists, celebrities and Catholic organizations as the first step in possible libel and defamation lawsuits". They're "documentation preservation letters addressed to organizations and individuals they believe may have defamed or libeled Nick with false reporting". Included in the list at the link are Elizabeth Warren, Bill Maher, The New York Times, CNN, and National Public Radio.

Change subject. Los Angeles is having a typhus epidemic. To some this is news. To others it's just another checkmark.

Okay fellow travelers, time to stop chitchatting, the kids are watching. Time to put on our grownup faces, assume the stance and face grim realities, as chronicled here at Yer Ol' Woodpile Report. But hol' on, first we got us an old ad.


1940. Gulf Petroleum Products ad


art-remus-ident-04.jpg Pennsylvania Central Airlines was a 1934 merger of bitter rivals Pennsylvania Airlines and Central Airlines, a shotgun wedding to avoid bankruptcies for both. The new airline chose the slogan, "The Capital Airline".

Having grown much larger than it's Pennsylvania origins, and having moved its headquarters from Pittsburgh to DC, the name was changed in 1948 to Capital Airlines. Capital merged with United in 1961.


Remus's notebook


Legal Insurrection - Florida Gov. DeSantis Orders Removal of Common Core From Schools ... it will take about a year to get rid of them

Keith Weiner Economics - The Death of Goodwill ... too many ugly incidents are occurring in ordinary law enforcement. They are not random

Ancient Origins - Oldest Evidence of Beer in Britain Found By Accident During Road Project ... ancient populations have been brewing beer for at least 6,000 years

art-remus-ident-04.jpg They must be experts by now

Next Big Future - China Solar and Wind Projects Must Beat Coal From Now On ... China stopped subsidizing large scale solar projects in May, 2018

Cancer cure, again

Jerusalem Post - A cure for cancer? Israeli scientists say they think they found one ... we believe we will offer in a year's time a complete cure for cancer

Wired - The ‘Complete’ Cancer Cure Story Is Both Bogus and Tragic ... the company has not conducted a single trial in humans or published an ounce of data

DC Clothesline - Oregon Democrats push new bill to outlaw self-defense ... would make it a crime to purchase a gun without first obtaining a government permit, prohibit the purchase and possession of magazines that hold more than five rounds, prohibit purchasing more than 20 rounds in a 30-day period.

Gateway Pundit - Update: Vianney St. Louis High School Teacher Resigns After Horrible Attacks on Covington High School Pro-Life Children ... Dawn Finley, Ph.D can share her hatred of Catholic boys someplace else

art-remus-ident-04.jpg She's the one who wrote the Covington boys were "adult anough to suffer the public consequences of being racist, hateful piles of smug privileged garbage". Which shows what a Ph.D is worth these days.

Ancient Origins - Our Capable Cousins Were Tech Savvy, Practical Tests Prove Neanderthal Spears Could Kill at a Distance ... 300,000-year-old Schöningen spear

Tools aren't the problem.

Twitter, Counter Terrorism Policing UK ... If you see something suspicious, like someone buying knives, hammers and other objects that could be used to cause harm, ACT. Video, 0m 25s

Twitter, mecantyping - My favorite picture of England ever ... full photo

Truth About Guns - Antifa Member Shot To Death After Drawing Down on Eugene, OR Cops in School ... includes video

South China Morning Post - Wartime grenade found buried in potatoes at Hong Kong Calbee chips factory ... potatoes imported from France arrive with complimentary potato masher

Campus Reform - American Bar Association: Higher standards are 'unfair' to minorities ... American Bar Association voted against the proposal 88-334

art-remus-ident-04.jpg Serious scholarship money goes to The Diversity. The choice is between cash flow or high standards. Tell me again how diversity makes us stronger.

American Partisan - Arrow Stoppers ... be serious and be effective, you will not get a second chance

Peak Prosperity - A Survival Guide For 2019 ... be "good enough" across as many of these dimensions as possible

AZ Central - Phoenix restaurant says this is a photo of coal miners. But I see offensive blackface ... that photo tells me I'm not welcome

art-remus-ident-04.jpg It's never about what it's about. They do this stuff because they can, and it's fun. Fun for them.

Paul Craig Roberts - The Delegitimization of the White Male ... it was white male university administrators who created the anti-white male propaganda degrees

Zero Hedge - China, Russia Preparing For "Blackout Warfare" With "Super-EMP" Bombs ... even EMP hardened U.S. strategic systems are potentially vulnerable

Appalachian Magazine - Dog Bread: How Your Ancestors Made Dog Food Back in the Day ... where the term "a dog's breakfast" came from

Next Big Future - Oumuamua as a Cloud of Debris Explains Anomalies ... started as a dwarf comet that was too small to survive getting close to the sun

Town Hall - Yes, It's 'Pro-Abortion:' New York's Inhumane New Law, and the Governor's Ghoulish Celebration ... allows the legal killing of fully-formed, viable, unborn children

art-remus-ident-04.jpg People who will murder their own children won't think twice about murdering others.

Federalist - Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Just Called For Legalizing Murder Of Newborn Babies ... physician and mother would get to decide whether to take its life or not

art-remus-ident-04.jpg What's next, an Aztec priest on call? How do they train, from old SS films?

Remember the original restrictions on legal abortion, to save the life of the mother and blah blah? Poof. Gone. Remember how they scoffed at those who said Right to Choose would end in the right to choose murdering newborns? They're rolling their eyes again, saying opponents misunderstand and exaggerate.

Update: the bill died in committee by a vote of 5-3. It's a speed bump, nothing more. Now Northam's in deep doodoo for a politically incorrect yearbook picture . His apology was textbook groveling with a pinch of "it's not like it was a MAGA hat." Later he said it isn't him in the photo after all and he won't resign. Best meme so far: Governor Partial Birth of a Nation.

Why are the Democrats piling on instead of defending him to the last ditch? Let's take a look at the guy who would replace him, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax . Suddenly all becomes clear, he outranks the governor by a wide margin. Notice he immediately condemned the governor, unfurled the "descended from a slave" banner, and suggested he resign. Then, out of the woodwork, comes a #metoo who claims Fairfax sexually assaulted her in 2004 . Lawdy lawdy, we're going to need a diagram to untangle this victimhood food fight.

Daily Mail - Mother who beat her newborn baby to death and stuffed it inside a teddy bear is jailed for just a year in Switzerland ... beat him against a wall

art-remus-ident-04.jpg Eventually this will be pretty much okay in the US, aside from the teddy bear part.

Washington Post - Yelling ‘I hate white people’ and punching one isn’t a hate crime, Canadian judge rules ... 12 months probation

Other McCain - ‘Persons of Interest’ ... ongoing investigation into alleged attack on Empire star Jussie Smollett has raised more questions than it has answered

Michelle Malkin - The MAGA-phobic manure-spreaders of media sensationalism ... how many racist, homophobic menaces wander around the upscale Streeterville neighborhood of liberal Chicago at 2 a.m. carrying rope and bleach, yelling about “MAGA country?”

Atlas Obscura - A New, Up-Close Look at an Old, Near-Earth Asteroid ... space rock that probably won’t hit us

Epoch Times - FBI Ignored Major Lead on Clinton Emails, Closed-Door Testimonies Suggest ... every email Hillary Clinton sent during her tenure as the secretary of state was forwarded to a foreign third party

New York Post - Brooklyn judge finds ‘issues’ with Nxivm defense fund ... Prosecutors said Bronfman set up the trust to keep fellow cultists in line by paying for top-notch defense attorneys

CDR Salamander - So, the French are Lapping us in Frigates, Again? ... we should be building this

art-remus-ident-04.jpg If one of our new LCS's were substituted for the USS Monitor in the shootout with the CSS Merrimack at Hampton Roads in 1862, it would most likely lose, even assuming at least one LCS could leave the pier and make it all the way there. This is the conclusion of a serious assessment.

An evaluation in 2010 determined "neither LCS variant is survivable in high-intensity combat ". The plan is to abandon ship. Meanwhile, our allies, particularly Italy and France, are deploying capable, up to date, actual fighting ships in this class.

Campus Reform - Newest 'affront to academic freedom' takes root ... a number of colleges and universities are now requiring current and future professors to explain how they would commit to and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion if promoted or hired


1941. Washington, DC


art-remus-ident-04.jpg The photo is of an Eastern Airlines DC-3 buttoning up for a night flight from Washington National Airport, newly opened in 1941. Just legible above the passenger cabin windows is their slogan, The Great Silver Fleet.

Eastern was primarily a New York to Miami airline owned from its inception in 1934 by GM, then by Eddie Rickenbacker from 1938 until 1959. Under his leadership, Eastern was the nation's most profitable airline from the end of the war well into the 1950s.

East coast patrons knew it best for the hourly New York-DC-Boston Shuttle beginning in 1961. When Eastern faltered in the 1980s, financier Frank Lorenzo acquired it and moved many of its core assets to his other airlines. Eastern ceased operations in 1991.


Stuff you may want to think about
Synopsis with links


Schultz, James Howard Kunstler - Howard Schultz does happen to be a white man, meaning he’s a walking microaggression. I do have doubts that anyone will want to take the oath of office on January 20, 2021. The problem-of-problems is that America has shot its wad borrowing money to keep things going — things like the consumer economy, suburbia, generous pensions, agribusiness, health care, higher education… stuff like that. The collateral for our loans is gone. Even worse, financialization destroyed the indexes that accounted for the measurement of real wealth and replaced it with accounting fraud, so it’s very hard to see the damage. What it boils down to is that the USA is no longer a credit-worthy borrower.


Media, Of Two Minds - The corporate-state media lives in terror that the truth will somehow leak out, imperiling their jobs and perks. Their job is to protect the ruling elites by "reporting" politically-correct narratives and playing up culturally divisive incidents to distract the masses from their political invisibility and lack of financial independence or agency. The MSM's other job is to scrub any mass dissent from their "news". This is not random. We in Alt-Media are confident the truth will eventually come out. It's more fun being on the side of free inquiry and meaningful analysis than being on the side of censorship, fear-mongering, propagandistic sowing of discord and the promotion of the corporate-state party line.


Far right, Spectator - Only Republicans ever merit the accusation of “extremism” in the minds of the anti-Trump media. Nothing any Democrat proposes — not even infanticide — is far enough out of the mainstream to deserve being labeled “far-left”. Because liberal journalists consider any policy endorsed by Democrats to be mainstream, by definition, then by the same standard, any opposition to the Democrat agenda is inherently wrong. In the age of the Great Liberal Freak-Out, left-wingers can attack innocents on the streets of Philadelphia or threaten police with pistols in Oregon without meriting attention from the national media, which only cares about violence if it involves the “far right”.


Dust, Daily Galaxy - Our Solar System orbits around the Galactic center, taking approximately 250 million years to make a complete revolution, weaving and bobbing, crossing the plane of the Milky Way approximately every 32 million years. Our solar system must inevitably encounter patches of interstellar space containing the thicker molecular gases and microscopic dust grains of nebulae. It takes tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years to pass through one of these regions. If modern human civilization had kicked off during such an episode, we would have barely seen more than the nearest stars— certainly not the rest of our galaxy or the cosmos beyond.


1939. Pony, Montana


art-remus-ident-04.jpg Pony is ... was a gold mining town in southwestern Montana near the Tobacco Root Mountains. Gold, silver and copper were commercially mined in ever-diminishing amounts until the mid-1930s. It's now a historic district, a designated ghost town , and something of a tourist attraction.

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle , the Pony Bar, "Conveniently Located In Uptown Pony" and Home of the famous Butch Burger, was up for sale in 2012. Since then we've lost touch.



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Jim Quinn posted this year-end essay at Burning Platform describing how the Fourth Turning is likely to unfold in the near future. It's a "long form" essay, fair warning.

Fourth Turning, Burning Platform - As we enter the eleventh year of this Fourth Turning, the fourth Crisis period in U.S. history, the mood of U.S. citizens and citizens around the globe continues to darken. we can expect a climax to this current Crisis sometime in the 2025 range. The question is what events will transpire between 2019 and 2025 before a climax is reached. Resolution will not be based on compromise, civility, reason, or peaceful means. The combustible combination of unpayable debt, civic anarchy, and global chaos are set to detonate, creating an era of maximum darkness, death, destruction, and decisions.

NC Scout posted this commentary at American Partisan.

Fourth Turning, American Partisan - Civil conflict is unfortunately an inevitability. The clash today is no longer about issues but about fundamental ideologies. Ideology always drove the arguments, but there was room to compromise without giving up core beliefs. Now compromise is only seen as another step in the direction of completely implementing your side’s agenda. There are two fundamentally different visions for the future of this country, wholly incompatible and at the edge of their compromise boundaries. This division will continue to drive the urban/rural conflict.


Rights, American Thinker - Have you noticed what has already happened to amendments farther down the list that makes up the Bill of Rights? The Ninth says our rights are not limited to the enumerated rights. The Tenth says the powers of the federal government are limited to the enumerated powers. A central government that can prevent a farmer from plowing across a "vernal pool" on his own land, can force schools to allow boys who "identify" as girls access to showers set aside for real girls, and can force you under penalty of law to buy insurance designed by that same government. Our modern obsession with national politics, the natural result of the centralization of enormous political power in Washington, is not what the Founders intended for America.


Illegals, Ann Coulter - The money illegal immigrants send out of the country doesn't come from their low wages. It is a problem that they couldn't possibly live on what I pay them, but that's where YOU come in, taxpayers! The unions lied to the working class and told them, Don't worry! This will make the union stronger. Thirty years later, California construction workers who were making $45 an hour are now making $11 an hour. We're told day in and day out about the horrible lives of the poor asylum-seekers. They'll starve if we send them back! Their children have all kinds of health problems, no medical care, no decent food, no roof over their heads! And then: A financial burden to America? No ... what makes you say that?


Get real, American Greatness - Conservative pundits have latched onto the fun words “hysteria” and “Trump derangement syndrome.” These words, though cute, mask the seriousness of what is actually happening. The mass hysteria is a goal and a tactic, whipped up by cool-headed, purposeful people. The anger, chaos, and activist pressure, the corruption of the FBI and Department of Justice, are new in our lifetimes. We seem helplessly naïve, not understanding what has hit us. Out here in Realville, we better get real about our opponents. They are not well-meaning liberals. They are dangerous. The target is not Trump. They are out to get all of us.


Magnetic field, Ars Technica - The late Jurassic Period stands out for having an anomalously weak magnetic field, but this was only about one-fifth as strong as that time period. On top of that, it seems that the magnetic poles were flipping around extremely frequently. Their evidence fits with a scenario where the inner core only began solidifying around 565 million years ago. It also adds to the jam-packed list of weird things that were going on in this chapter of Earth history, which happens to include a remarkable evolutionary explosion of complex animal life. If this timeline of the inner core’s formation is correct, the nucleation of the inner core may have occurred right in the nick of time to recharge the geodynamo and save Earth’s magnetic shield.


1942. Roanoke Virginia


art-remus-ident-04.jpg This is the last I have of this series of photos promoting the wartime scrap drive.


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Notate Bene

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants and debt is the money of slaves.

. . . . .


If, before undertaking some action, you must obtain the permission of society—you are not free, whether such permission is granted to you or not. Only a slave acts on permission. A permission is not a right.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.
George Orwell, 1984

. . . . .


There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


The socialist ideal eventually goes viral, and the majority learns to game the system. Everyone is trying to live at the expense of everyone else. In the terminal phase, the failure of the system is disguised under a mountain of lies, hollow promises, and debts. When the stream of other people's money runs out, the system collapses.
Kevin Brekke

. . . . .


When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you … you may know that your society is doomed.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics ... It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing.
Vaclav Havel

. . . . .


Injustice is relatively easy to bear; what stings is justice.
H. L. Mencken

. . . . .


We have reached a point of diminishing returns in our public life. Hardly anything actually needs doing. We may in fact be past that point; not only does nothing much need doing, but we'd benefit if much of what has been done were to be undone.
John Derbyshire

. . . . .


The hallmark of authoritarian systems is the creation of innumerable, indecipherable laws. Such systems make everyone an un-indicted felon and allow for the exercise of arbitrary government power via selective prosecution.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.
Thomas Jefferson

. . . . .


When you are fed, there are many problems. When you are hungry, there is one problem.
NoPension at Zero Hedge

. . . . .


We have reached the stage where satire is prophecy.
Theodore Dalrymple

. . . . .


Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better.

When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity.

To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.

I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.
Theodore Dalrymple

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